Xbox Series X|S Restock: Here’s Where to Find the Next-Gen Consoles this Christmas 2022

This Christmas, you can spend your holidays with your friends and family at home through gaming. If you’re planning to celebrate the Yuletide season with a gaming console, then you need to have one in the first place.

The next-gen consoles, such as Xbox Series X and PS5, are all over the place right now. Several retailers have in-store restocks of them, while other sellers tend to release them online.

If you’re hunting for Xbox Series X or S at the moment, here are the stores you need to visit to obtain this elusive gaming machine.

Xbox Series X|S Restock

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Check these retailers to score either Xbox Series X or S this holiday period.

Last year, the supplies for the Xbox consoles were hampered by the pandemic and global chip shortage. This 2022, it seems that the supply chain continues to ease up since several units keep coming in waves every month.

According to DBLTAP, the stocks are selling out faster than anticipated. It’s important to be an early bird ahead of other customers, especially if you want to score a gaming console before Christmas.

If you’re looking for either Xbox Series X or S, check these stores to verify the availability of the consoles.


  • Xbox Series S – $249.99
  • Xbox Series S – Gilded Hunter Bundle – $299.99


  • Xbox Series S – Holiday Console – $249.99
  • Xbox Series S – Gilded Hunter Bundle – $299.99
  • Xbox Series X Console – $499.99

Best Buy

  • Xbox Series S – Holiday Console – $249.99
  • Xbox Series X Console – $499.99

Not all stores have different ways to sell Xbox Series consoles to customers. Some will require you to sign up for membership before purchasing the gaming console, while others will allow you to pre-order without any conditions.

Some retailers prefer walk-in transactions for customers. This way, people can easily check and test the console to see if it has defects.

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What About PS5 Restock?

According to CBS News, Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon have available PS5 units at the moment.


Walmart’s PS5 restock only caters to Walmart Plus subscribers over the past months, but things have changed recently. The retailer has opened it for everyone. That’s why they’re selling out faster than you think.

There’s a “God of War: Ragnarok” PlayStation 5 bundle that you can snag from the shop ahead of the holiday period. The disc edition will cost you $559.

Best Buy

If you miss the Walmart restock, you can proceed to Best Buy to score the “God of War: Ragnarok” bundle. The same pricing applies to this offer in this store.


At the time, Amazon only allows users to access the PS5 restock slot through an invitation. 

If you haven’t visited the page of the store, you can immediately request an invitation, but it’s not guaranteed that you can receive a sure slot since the demand for the console remains high at the moment.

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