Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Crush Standup Comedians in a Workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still pumping iron at the age of 75, and it turns out he makes a pretty damn good personal trainer. He has admitted in interviews that he can’t help but correct his fellow gym-goers if he sees them making a mistake or performing an exercise with poor technique, and his son Joseph Baena has described him as “the best training partner in the world” during their workouts together.

Now it looks like Schwarzenegger is taking on new PT clients: the former bodybuilding legend and action star just shared a video on his YouTube channel in which he invites two comedians to join him for a workout at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach: Fortune Feimster, who appears alongside Schwarzenegger as a government spy in his new Netflix series FUBAR, and stand-up comic Bert Kreischer.

While Kreischer is known for performing his standup while shirtless, and Feimster has previously starred in the gym-based sitcom (gymcom?) Champions, the workout proved to be a tough change of pace for both of them. They cracked jokes throughout the entire process, but Schwarzenegger later wrote in his newsletter about how much he admired the gameness with which they each embrace new challenges.

“I love when people step out of their comfort zones,” he said. “Both of them are known for comedy. And both of them took the leap into becoming action stars. It’s basically exactly the opposite of my move in 1988 to bring Twins to life with Ivan Reitman and Danny DeVito to prove to the world I could star in comedies, not just action movies. And I know how risky it can be to make moves like that, so I’m inspired as hell by Bert and Fortune having the guts to try something new.”

“First of all, how hilarious they are. But more importantly, look at how they ask questions,” he continued. “Fortune and Bert are both hungry, and I guarantee you that’s why they’re comfortable moving out of their comfort zone to try something new. When you’re curious, everything is a little less scary. There’s less pressure on you if your brain thinks you’re in a learning experience than if it thinks you’re just diving in headfirst into the unknown.”

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