Walmart Black Friday Sale Sees Cheapest HP Chromebook Selling for Just $79: Can It Play ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ and Is It Worth It?

A new Walmart Black Friday sale has been spotted with an HP Chromebook dropping its price to just $79. With an extremely affordable price for a laptop, buyers should know whether the laptop is worth it.

The Two Main Reasons Why Buyers Purchase a Laptop are Entertainment and Work

There are many different reasons why someone would buy a laptop. The two most popular reasons are entertainment and work.

The thing about entertainment is that depending on what the owner does with the laptop, there could be a higher spec requirement. Depending on the entertainment form, a laptop can sometimes not handle the demand.

Entertainment in Terms of Watching Movies, Series, and Videos

An example of this is watching movies, series, and videos to playing games. When it comes to watching movies, series, or videos, a good screen is one of the most important specs that buyers should watch out for.

Owners can stream movies and videos online if the screen is functional. However, when it comes to downloading movies and series, storage is another thing that buyers should watch out for.

Buyers can Upgrade Their Laptop to Accommodate Downloads of 1080p Movies

1080p movies can demand at least a gigabyte to a few gigabytes of memory, so whenever the laptop owner downloads a movie, they should ensure they do not use up most of their laptop’s space.

Luckily, one thing buyers can do should they have minimal memory is to purchase more SSD or HDD and upgrade their laptop. This, however, would cost additional, so buyers should be aware of the additional expenses.

When it comes to the other part of entertainment, games, buyers should look out not just for memory but also for RAM capability and compatibility. Most games released their minimum spec requirements, with AAA games usually needing sophisticated computers.

11.6-Inch HP Chromebook Spotted on Walmart Selling for Just $78 from Original Price of $98

Should buyers want to play a specific game, they should look at the minimum spec requirements before making a purchase. An article by Tom’s Guide was able to spot an HP Chromebook sold at just $79.

The HP 11.6″ Chromebook was spotted at Walmart selling from just $78 from its original price of $98. As for its specs, it uses an AMD A4 CPU with 4GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. Instead of Windows, the laptop comes with Chrome OS, Google’s operating system.

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Can the HP Chromebook Play ‘Grand Theft Auto V’?

Based on spec requirements, buyers won’t be able to play “Grand Theft Auto V” due to its CPU, GPU, and storage requirements. However, the game can play another classic “Grand Theft Auto” game, San Andreas.

The minimum requirement for “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” is AMD Athlon, 256 MB, and only 3.6 GB of space for the minimum installation. However, owners must find a way around the Operating System requirements.

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