Valorant’s Give Back Bundle Returns in 2022, Earnings Will Go to Charities Across the Globe

Riot Games has announced that the Give Back Bundle of Valorant skins will return this year. This follows the last year’s wildly successful campaign, in which over $5.5 million was donated to charities and organizations.

Give Back Bundle

The Give Back Bundle 2022 will include the Neptune Vandal, Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost, Forsaken Operator, and Magepunk Spectre skins. Gamers may also expect bundle-exclusive gun buddy, card, and spray. All of which were chosen by the community.

As per the report by Forbes, the whole set will cost players 6,382 Valorant points (VP).

Beginning Nov. 16 and running through the end of November, 50% of all sales of weapon skins and 100% of all sales of accessories will be donated to charity.

The proceeds from the sale of these goods will be donated to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, a nonprofit organization established by Riot that supports causes all around the globe.

The proceeds from the sale of these goods will be given to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, a nonprofit organization established by the game developer that supports causes all around the globe.

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Social Impact Fund

Jimmy Hahn, Senior Manager of Social Impact at Riot Games, said that the Social Impact Fund is Riot’s nonprofit engine which powers their joint efforts for worldwide implications.

With the support of ImpactAssets, the fund can extend its reach and have a greater effect, meaning that more individuals will be helped in the long term.

Because the Social Impact Fund is independent of Riot Games, Hahn explained that they can make direct investments in groups all around the world that are tackling some of the most critical issues facing our nation today.

Donating to charity on a global scale might be difficult, but with this methodology, the company can support good causes in any country where its gamers reside.

Hahn said those in need might get help via the Social Impact Fund, which was designed with a global reach in mind.

“This structure allows us to open up nonprofit nominations to our players, distribute funding to almost any country, and allow us to move quickly when opportunities arise,” Hahn added.

The Launch

With the initial Give Back Bundle in 2021, Valorant raised nearly $5.5 million for the Social Impact Fund.

This was the first time a charity drive had been held inside Valorant.

As a result of last year’s successful bundle and the substantial donations it generated, the group is revisiting the idea this year, intending to surpass those totals.

Hahn added that in 2021, the Social Impact team contacted the Valorant development team with the notion of hosting the first in-game charity campaign.

“Since this was our first time engaging with Valorant players around social impact, we wanted to make sure we created a campaign that was engaging and positive for the community.”

Riot pooled their resources and used the Run it Back Bundle, a collection of gun skins and accessories chosen by Valorant players, Forbes reported.

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