Twitter Verification Chrome Extension: ‘Eight Dollars’ Helps You Determine Who Paid for the $8 Subscription

Twitter verification gets a dedicated Chrome extension that will determine if the user paid for the controversial monthly subscription to get their verified accounts to display the checkmark. Twitter Verification is now undergoing a massive change with its $8 subscription enforced on all users to get the famed blue checkmark which will verify their identity online.

This extension called the “Eight Dollars,” will display further information on a person’s tweet when enabled, and tell if they availed of Elon Musk’s new policy on Twitter verification.

Twitter Verification Chrome Extension: Eight Dollars

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Walter Lim and Will Seagar created a helpful Twitter verification Chrome extension called “Eight Dollars” which will assist the public in properly identifying those who availed of the subscription and those impostors. Many create parody accounts or those impersonating people online with fake verification icons pasted on their display names.

This tool will help to correctly identify those and segregate one’s Twitter feed from the legitimately verified accounts that are now under the subscription service, from those that are not.

Users only need to install and load this Chrome extension and have it turned on, and it will do its job by placing tags on a tweet profile that would determine the “Actually Verified” from those who are not.

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Here’s How to Verify a Blue Checkmark’s Legitimacy

Lim and Seagar’s GitHub page brings the extension for all, free of charge, and ready to install to their Chrome browser. Users need to enable developer mode, download the file, and load the package on their Chrome web app.

After ensuring that it is turned on, users may now see their Twitter feed and check the verified account’s legitimacy.

The developers also offer this for the Firefox browser.

Twitter and its New Subscription Service

Elon Musk and Twitter are the centers of talk and news in the present, due to his controversial takeover of the platform which changes a lot of policies and set up on the social media’s operations. The cusp of it all is the $8 monthly subscription on Twitter to get the blue check verification on their profile, and Musk said that he is not exempt from this as well.

The tech CEO is slapping the $8 subscription among all users, and no one is exempted from paying for the service to get their blue checkmark verification, unlike before when users can apply for it for free. However, the past saw problems with the process of having no updates from Twitter, but this time, Musk said that it will be responsive to subscribed users.

The new verification service is a lot to take in for Twitter users who are only casually using the app, and of course, some dupes people into thinking that their accounts are legitimately verified with the icon. Nevertheless, there are those impostors who only copy and paste the blue checkmark icon on their profiles, with this extension helping them verify the real from not.

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