Twitter Exec Sinead McSweeney Secures Court Order, Prohibiting Elon Musk From Terminating Her

Sinead McSweeney, Twitter’s global vice president of public policy located in Ireland, has obtained a temporary injunction from the High Court of Dublin to thwart her termination. 

According to The Irish Times, McSweeney alleges she was barred from accessing her work accounts and the Twitter headquarters in Dublin because she did not answer CEO Elon Musk’s email to employees.

The said email demanded that all staff pledge their allegiance to Twitter’s “extremely hardcore” ethic or be terminated.

McSweeney’s Response to Musk’s Email

In a report by The Verge, Musk emailed staff members on Nov. 17 to guarantee their continued employment immediately after he took over Twitter on Nov. 16. 

Twitter said it would consider it a resignation if an employee did not click “yes” on the form included in the email. The company would then offer two months’ worth of salary with benefits in addition to one month’s worth of severance money.

McSweeney denies that she pressed the “yes” button. 

Reports said that McSweeney did not respond to the email because the severance payout did not satisfy her contractual obligations and because it did not specify Musk’s expectations for workers who opted to remain. 

A confirmation email for McSweeney’s “voluntary resignation” was sent to her on Nov. 18.

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After Initial Inquiry

Based on The Irish Times’ article, McSweeney is still locked out and unable to work even though Twitter’s attorneys have accepted that she wants to continue at the business and claimed they would restore access to her accounts. 

McSweeney was granted an injunction on Friday, Nov. 25, by Justice Brian O’Moore. This court order prohibits Twitter from terminating her but does not restore her position with the company. 

The judge will hear her case again the following week.

Execs’ Termination

McSweeney is one of many high-ranking Twitter employees who are unsure about their future with the company. 

Vice president of partnerships, Maggie Suniewick, was allegedly let go for disagreeing with Musk’s order to fire additional workers. 

Earlier this month, Robin Wheeler decided to quit as head of ad sales at Twitter. Musk encouraged her to stay but ultimately fired her. 

“To the team and my clients….you were always my first and only priority,” Wheeler tweeted, confirming her departure.

Like Musk’s other critics, McSweeney claims he has been sending her mixed signals and has been laying off and bringing back people with no apparent basis.

A large portion of Twitter’s staff was let go by Musk earlier this month, but he has since begun inviting some of them to return. 

Previous reports indicate he is done with layoffs and that Twitter is going to start recruiting to replace the people who were fired or resigned. Musk reportedly stressed hiring people with strong software development skills but did not provide details on open opportunities at Twitter offices.

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