Twitter Ends Employment Layoffs, Says Reports | Is Elon Musk Hiring Again?

CEO Elon Musk allegedly informed the remaining Twitter workers that layoffs and firings would be ceased after he asked them to commit to “extremely hardcore” work at an all-hands meeting. 

Reports said the firm is actively recruiting new employees again after the new owner ordered layoffs that halved the company’s staff.

Employment Agenda

According to Engadget, the social media company is aggressively recruiting for positions in both engineering and sales teams, based on a partial audiotape of the session obtained by The Verge.

Apparently, Musk made the news on the same day that the company’s sales and partnerships departments saw layoffs. 

Twitter’s head of ad sales, Robin Wheeler, and vice president of partnerships, Maggie Suniewick, were allegedly let go for disagreeing with Musk’s order to fire additional workers. 

Of course, everything fell into place once the website’s new owner ordered layoffs that halved the company’s staff.

Notably, Twitter has also dismissed many employees who publicly criticized Musk through tweets and other channels.

During the discussion, Musk reportedly claimed that in terms of essential recruits, individuals who are excellent at developing software are the top priority. However, he did not elaborate on specific positions Twitter is seeking to fill. 

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Headquarter Relocation?

Employees questioned Musk about the firm’s future, including if Twitter would transfer its headquarters to Texas as Tesla did since this was the first time he met with staff members after his acquisition. 

Musk said that although there are no plans to relocate, it may make sense for Twitter to have “dual-headquartered” offices in California and New York.

He said his relocation to Texas will play into the perception that “Twitter has gone from being left-wing to right-wing.” Musk has denied that to be the case. 

He said, “It is a moderate-wing takeover of Twitter… to be the digital town square, we must represent people with a wide array of views even if we disagree with those views.”

The Verification System

Twitter may not relaunch paid verification until the end of this month. Musk said at the conference while answering additional concerns regarding the company’s internal dynamics. 

The site’s $8/month Blue membership with verification was temporarily suspended following its introduction due to a dramatic increase in impersonation and false accounts.

Blue Verified, according to Musk’s original timeline, will be back on the 29th of this month. 

Twitter will only restart the subscription system once it is convinced it can combat impersonation, Musk told staff. 

Another possible future change to Twitter’s verification system that would make it clear whether a user is dealing with a fake or genuine account is the addition of distinct colored checkmarks for people and businesses. 

Twitter currently designates verified accounts for organizations with a gray “Official” badge. Still, it seems the service is working on making this label more prominent so that users are less likely to be fooled by fake accounts.

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