Top Fall Amazon Prime Day Deals Below $100: as Low as $18

Amazon Prime Day is finally here, and with it, numerous discounts on different products, from general brands to more popular ones. The good thing about this sale is that there are products that can be bought for just below $100.

Finding More Affordable Items Selling on Amazon

The problem with some sales is that although certain items are discounted, they could still cost buyers hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Despite the sale, few buyers can afford to buy certain items anyway.

Luckily, the Amazon Prime Day sale offers different items for buyers with a lot of money and those who do not want to spend over $100. These items range from smart home devices to numerous other gadgets.

Sale Includes Items Being Sold for Less than $100

An article by 9to5Toys gave a general list of products that buyers can purchase below $100. The products range from SSDs to Echo speakers and more.

First, the Echo Speakers are being sold at a significant discount, with none selling past $100. The most expensive Echo Speaker on the list is the Echo Dot with Clock, but even that device does not cost half of $100.

Here are the Echo Speaker Discounts on Amazon Prime Day:

  • Echo Dot with Clock – regular price is $60, and the discounted price is $35

  • Echo Dot – regular price is $50, and the discounted price is $25

  • Echo Dot Kids – regular price is $60, and the discounted price is $25

  • Echo Dot 3rd Gen – regular price is $40, and the discounted price is $18

The next few items that are being sold for less than $100 are the Echo smart displays. One of them, however, the Echo Show 10 Gen 3, is selling for $170, so it won’t be included in the list below.

Here are the Echo Smart Display Discounts on Amazon Prime Day:

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Of course, these are not the only gadgets sold at a discount for the Amazon Prime Day Sale. Other gadgets include SSDs, hard drives, and other computer-related devices.

Here are the SSD, HDD, and MicroSD Discounts on Amazon Prime Day:

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