TikTok CEO Emphasizes the Need for Content Management Amid Twitter Layoffs

According to CEO Shou Zi Chew of the popular video app TikTok, Elon Musk and Twitter are on a potentially hazardous route.

Chew, whose firm has come under scrutiny from authorities in the United States, underlined the need to invest in enough employees to manage content moderation and security concerns. 

TikTok’s Structured Company

In a report by Bloomberg, the CEO made the remarks in response to queries about whether or not it would be possible for TikTok to continue operating if it sacked half of its personnel, as Musk has done with Twitter.

During the Bloomberg New Economy Forum that took place in Singapore on Wednesday, Nov. 16, Chew chuckled and said he hoped that day never arrives. 

He added that because of the way they have structured the company, it is not necessary to terminate 50% of the workers just to reach the standards of productivity they have set for themselves.

When asked if he could manage TikTok with half its personnel today, Chew switched the conversation to the importance of having the right staff. 

He pointed out that the corporation has tens of thousands of employees responsible for content moderation.

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Importance of Content Moderation

“For many tech companies including ourselves one of the largest teams that you will have is your trust and safety team,” Chew stated. “That is an investment that is definitely worthwhile if you want to keep the platform a very safe platform.”

He explained that these individuals are in charge of creating regulations for the platform and providing support for the algorithms that are utilized to show up content. 

According to Chew, all forms of social media need to make every effort to ensure that the platform is secure.

After all that had been said, Chew stressed that he is not a critic of Elon Musk.

He believed that it is not fair to give any comment on Musk’s decision at this moment since it is too early to tell.

Twitter’s Latest Layoff

Based on a recent report by AP News, outsourced content moderators on Twitter found out they were laid off over the weekend.

This is a result of Elon Musk, the company’s new owner, significantly reducing the teams who combat disinformation on the said social media network.

The Economic Times reported on November 14 that Musk has let go of at least 4,400 contract workers at the firm after dismissing a large portion of Twitter’s full-time staff, equating to approximately 3,800 individuals. 

Notably, this half percent of the personnel at Twitter was fired through email during the first week of November. 

Twitter and other major social media companies have depended extensively on third-party contractors to monitor hate speech for a long time. Their tasks also include removing illegal or otherwise inappropriate information on the platform.

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