Tech Times Job Hunting Tips: Here’s How to Recover From Being Laid Off

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Got Fired? Follow these guidelines before resubmitting your resume or searching for a job.

There is no denying that we are in the midst of layoff season at US corporations. Twitter, Meta, Amazon, and HP are just some tech titans recently announcing cutbacks.

For those of you caught in the cutting, take a deep breath. It’s not easy, but everything will work out in the end.

If you think your next job will come through by sending your resume to every employer and crossing your fingers, think again. You’ll need a strategy more than that. 

Harvard Business Review outlined these steps necessary before updating your resume or beginning the job search.


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Alter the Way You Think

Being laid off is not a reflection on your skill set; it is a reflection of your previous company’s lack of preparedness during a volatile economy or a shift in business strategy. 

Find something to elevate your spirits and improve your emotional and mental state. How about yoga, cooking, drawing, or journaling? 

Whatever it is, just take this time to work on your general well-being, so you are more focused and composed when you start your job hunt.

Log Your Wins

Describing your achievements on paper can help you grasp your talents and capabilities. It can also emphasize your triumphs, which allows ease of job-hunting nerves.

Create a list of your achievements using either of these techniques of reflection:

  • CARL – Context, Action, Result, Learning
  • STAR(R) – Situation, Task, Action, Result + Reflection

It will also help you prepare for behavioral interview questions, such as “Tell me about a time you enhanced an unproductive procedure.” 

Frame your successes around addressing challenges, achieving a goal, prioritizing under pressure, aligning stakeholders cross-functionally, finishing a complicated project, or overcoming an obstacle. 

You may answer any behavioral question with these anecdotes.

Be Decisive

Small or large company? Do you want to keep your job or switch careers? Would you consider relocating for the right job? How much salary are you thinking?

Write out your future move’s goals and priorities. These will be your values, and if you figure them out, you can ensure each job possibility aligns with them. Ensure value alignment in your future position to feel satisfied.

Plan Your Employment Search

Job hunting is full-time. Staring at your computer or phone waiting for a recruiter might leave you feeling overwhelmed or guilty because you’re not accomplishing enough every day.

Weekly or daily schedules keep you on track. Determine when and how many individuals you’ll network with, which days you’ll look for employment, how frequently you’ll redraft your resume, and how often you’ll practice answering interview questions. 

Creating a timetable and setting intentions and goals for each day can help you feel productive, even if you’re not achieving progress right immediately.

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Tips on Job-Hunting

Browse employment sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter, etc., and perform a Boolean search on Google like “analyst + jobs.”

Job descriptions have keywords that help recruiters match your talents to the open job and determine your qualifications.

You’ll have to look at the keywords and see if any theme emerges. Now, revise your resume depending on these keywords.

In case you’re wondering, there’s another article dedicated to helping you craft a winning resume, don’t worry.

Take Your Time

That’s some piece of advice that may sound obvious but bears serious consideration.

Like career coach and HR executive Marlo Lyons said, “Don’t rush to send in an application to a “perfect” job with a resume that isn’t quite ready … Create a journey that not only will help you land your next opportunity but will make you feel confident about your value.”

Now that you are armed with tips, check out the latest job post from the Top Tech Companies on TechTimes Job board.

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