Solar Generator 1000 Pro: Get This Powerful Jackery Portable Power Station for Christmas!

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Jackery is widely acknowledged as a solar generator industry pioneer and a global top-selling brand, with over 100 accredited media and organizations globally. From 2015 until now, they have become a massive powerhouse in the industry through top-selling best portable power stations.

With a decade of expertise in this industry, Jackery is unquestionably the trendsetter.

And this Christmas, Jackery portable power stations are up for the best deals of 2022, especially the Solar Generator 1000 Pro. In this holiday gift guide, look at our review of this portable power station and how to get it at the biggest-ever discount.

How Long Does the Jackery Portable Power Station Last?

Lithium batteries are used in all Jackery portable power stations. These lithium-ion batteries are generally rated for 500 complete charge cycles and 2 – 3 years of use. This shelf life is decent compared to other power stations that can only last 6 months to 1 year.


(Photo : Jackery)

But here’s the best part. Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro can run for 10 years if used once each week. Because of its low self-discharge rate, it can run 365 days on an 80% battery charge, making it the best portable power station for camping, off-grid life, and power outages.

How Long Can a Jackery Power a Home Appliance?

If fully charged, this best portable power station can keep a refrigerator (520W) ideally running for up to 1.6 hours, a coffee maker (550W) for 1.5 hours, a TV (60W) for 13 hours, a microwave oven (700W) for 1.2 hours and a tower fan (45W) for 17 hours.

Plus, as mentioned, since it’s an ideal power station outdoors, it can also power up electric blankets (55W) for 14 hours, an electric heater (350W) for 2.5 hours, an instant pot (1000W) for 0.9 hours, a kettle (850W) for 1 hour and keep a laptop (65W) fully-charged 9 times.

Other Features

Short Charging Time

It only takes 1.8 hours to charge fully. This Jackery portable power station is solar-powered by four SolarSaga 200W panels. It is three times faster than the Solar Generator 1000. Enjoy unlimited green power wherever you go with a simple 60-second setup. The added benefit is that it provides a complete wall charge in 1.8 hours.


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Best Portable Power Station on the Go

In addition to being a power station that is portable due to its size, the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro has a foldable grip for simple transportation and storage. This compact power allows you to carry on any outdoor excursion, with a 1000-charge cycle lifespan and a lighter design.

Safe, Quiet, and Convenient

The pure sine wave inverter provides consistent power to protect your electronics. This Jackery portable power station is also tranquil with only 46dB and comes with an integrated battery management system (BMS) to monitor and safeguard battery life. The LED light, which has three brightness settings, can also assist you in meeting your outdoor demands.

Multiple Charging Methods

When used with 4X SolarSaga, you can charge it for 1.8 hours until it’s complete. Other options include 2X SolarSaga 80 for 9 hours and an AC input for 1.8 hours.


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Multiple Devices at the Same Time

This Jackery portable power station can support up to 8 devices simultaneously. There’s a DC input (double to 22A/800W Max), AC input (120V, 15A Max), 2x USB-C output (PD 100W Max), and 2x AC output (1000W with 2000W surge peak).

Advanced Smart Screen

If your phone battery is getting low, charge it at this best portable power station, and you can check on its indicator how long it will take to charge your phone completely. You can monitor remaining charge time and other indicators on its smart screen to make your experience more convenient.

Aside from that, features like a vehicle-grade battery management system, heat dissipation, high-temperature protection, and top-shock resistance were also added. Thanks to its IP68 waterproof and dustproof certification, it further shows that it’s the best portable power station for outdoor use, even in extreme outdoor conditions.


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Are Jackery Power Stations Worth It?

Overall, many of Jackery’s flagship products have been well-acknowledged by numerous major media and bloggers, particularly its quick charging speed. Other portable power stations with solar panels can take hours to charge, while the Solar Generator 1000 Pro requires only 1.8 hours to use solar panels and electrical outlets. It also prioritizes overall safety and is lightweight and smaller, making it portable for outdoor adventures.


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Besides traveling, it’s also suitable for power blackouts. As previously stated, it can support almost all home appliances and power them up for quite a long time. You can also get this same quality and more with other Jackery portable power stations.

Christmas Deals You Shouldn’t Miss!

Just like in all their promos, Jackery gives back to customers. Recently, it offered discounts of up to $1080 off and prizes worth up to $2099. That came with their CRAZY MONDAY sale, Black Friday deals, and the Jackery 10th Anniversary Giveaway.

You might have missed these events, but you can still get Solar Generator 1000 Pro and the rest of their best solar stations, as mentioned above, at the best price! With their upcoming Christmas campaign this December 8th- December 18th, you can get them at the best price! Get up to 28% off on selected items! Here are some of the best deals you can get in their Chistmas campaign!

Just visit the Jackery official website to know more. You can also get the latest updates from Instagram and Facebook.

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