Samsung Tries to Patent a Flexible Screen Laptop: ASUS ZenBook Fold Already Uses This Technology

Samsung is trying to patent a fold-like laptop with a flexible screen. The problem is that a similar screen already exists with the ASUS ZenBook Fold.

Samsung Could be Working on a Laptop with a Dual Display as Revealed by a New Patent

According to the story by Gizmo China, Samsung could be trying to work on a laptop with a dual display. A new patent revealed the company’s design for its upcoming laptop, similar to an existing ASUS model.

91Mobiles spotted the initial patent, revealing that Samsung could work on an upcoming laptop with a dual display. The South Korean tech giant filed for a patent similar to an already existing ASUS ZenBook Fold laptop.

The ASUS ZenBook Fold is a 17-inch Display with a Full Screen on Both Sides

For those that don’t know, the ZenBook Fold model comes from the Taiwanese PC maker with a 17.3-inch display that is foldable. This would let users use the gadget as a single monitor panel, a tablet, or a basic laptop.

The use case of the ASUS ZenBook Fold depends on whether users decide to fold it. Users can also attach a wireless keyboard to transform the laptop into a monitor.

The Huge Difference Between the ASUS ZenBook Fold and the Samsung Patent Device Is a Physical Keyboard

The article by Gizmo China notes that since the patent has similarities to the ASUS ZenBook Fold, they expect it to also have close functionalities. The physical keyboard is a huge difference between the ASUS ZenBook Fold and the new device still filing for a patent.

The keyboard will take up space on the screen resulting in the screen halving. Although users can fully unfold it, it will still not be a complete display surface since half of the other screen has a keyboard.

The Samsung Patent Device Could be Closer to the ZenBook Duo and Not the ZenBook Fold

The article notes that the device could have closer similarities to the ZenBook Pro Duo instead. The Pro Duo is a laptop from ASUS that houses a dual display screen.

The laptop also has a small screen on the side of the keyboard which functions like a touchpad for the laptop. However, the patent does not detail any finer details regarding the device.

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The ASUS ZenBook Fold Can be Used as a Monitor Due to Its Full-Screen Display

There are also no specifications listed in the patent meaning buyers will have to wait for the official announcement or at least more news of the upcoming Samsung device. There is also no way to know whether the Samsung version of the laptop will be better than the ASUS ZenBook Fold with its full-screen display.

The main benefit of the ASUS ZenBook Fold is that users can enjoy the full screen as their display instead of having a keyboard attached to one-half of the screen. Without the full screen display, players won’t be able to use the laptop as a full monitor with a wireless keyboard unless they don’t mind having the keyboard on the side.

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