Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Comes with Photo Upgrades: Astrophotography and Multiple Exposure Mode

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is coming with new upgrades that are supposed to improve its photos and photography capabilities. The new upgrades are called Astrophotography and Multiple Exposure Mode.

New Galaxy S22 Series Features Added to Help Improve Its Camera Capabilities

According to the story by Giz China, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series is considered to have some of the best camera capabilities in the market. The company, however, looks like it still needs to be done with adding to its S22 series camera performance.

A lot of Samsung S22 series users have already received different system updates. The Samsung update focuses mainly on the performance of the device’s camera.

New Features are Called Astrophotography and Multiple Exposure Mode

The new update adds two new features, Astrophotography and Multiple Exposure Mode to the different Samsung Galaxy S22 series models, as per Sam Mobile. With the addition of the new update, Samsung S22 series owners can now use Expert Raw’s feature.

When Expert Raw is activated, users will get access to the Astro mode which will be located on the top right part of the users’ screen. This will allow the user to see the stars due to its camera becoming adjusted to long exposures.

Astro Mode Will Let Users Decide Whether to Turn Off Sky Guide Mode or Not

In Astro mode, users can decide whether to turn off the Sky Guide mode. This will provide users with an overlay of the skies as well as the solar system when they take a photo.

The Sky Guide works as a guide to help users take better photos within the frame. It provides on-screen assistance to help users take better photos of the sky, as its name suggests.

New Feature Functions Similar to the Google Pixel 7

As per the article by Giz China, the addition of the new feature works similarly to an advanced version of a feature available on the Google Pixel 7. As for Google’s version, it calls the feature Nigh sight.

The feature works closely to how the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series’ feature works. However, it does not provide users with an overlay of the sky just like what Samsung is capable of providing its users.

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Expert Rawon the Camera App Gets the Multi-Exposure New Feature

The Exper Raw feature on the camera app is also upgraded to include Multi-Exposure. The new capability lets Samsung S22 users shoot multiple images all at the same time.

The new feature will then bring all the photos together through overlay modes. This will then allow users to overlay different photos on top of each other for an enhanced result.

As per GizChina, the new feature provides users with a “very interesting looking photo.” The Samsung S22 update is also bringing extra features to the Assistant Camera to help users take better photos, as explained in detail by 9to5Google.

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