Philips Launches New Evnia Lineup: Company Enters the UltraWide QD-OLED Monitor Market

Philips has officially launched a new monitor lineup that introduces the company to a new market, the UltraWide QD-OLED monitors. Often used by gamers, the market features gaming monitors competing with each other in terms of size, pixels, refresh rates, etc.

Philips Announces Line of Accessories and Monitors Called the Evnia Lineup

According to the story by 9to5Toys, Philips has just announced a new line of accessories and monitors called the Evnia lineup. The company described the new line as a way they would “reinvent the rules of gaming.”

The products range from brand-new monitors to different audio gear, peripherals, and other items. The article notes that there is much to cover regarding the new line of products.

Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV Initial Specs

The first one they decided to check out was the latest monitors by the brand, which was described as “every gamer’s dream come true.” Regarding the specs in conjunction with the statement, the article said they “don’t lie.”

The monitor bears the official name Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV and is a 1440-pixel UltraWide monitor that comes packed with other specs. It has a miniLED light that hosts HDR1400 certification and 1,152 dimming zones.

A Closer Look at the Philips Evnia 34MC7600MV

A short video was uploaded to YouTube showing what the Philips Evnia 34M2C7600MV looks like.


Other Specs Included in the 34M2C7600MV

The gaming laptop uses Ambiglow technology for players to experience better gaming immersion. The monitor has a refresh rate of 165 Hz and comes with Adaptive Sync for a high frame rate tear-free experience for users.

The monitor also packs USB-C ports and even a KVM switch built-in with a height-adjustable stand. The 34M2C7600MV is not the only monitor that Philips is announcing.

Other Varieties of the Evnia Monitors

Philips is announcing three other monitors: the 42-inch OLED 42M2C5500W, the 34-inch QD-OLED 34M2C8600, and the 27-inch VA panel 27M2C5500W. Out of the different offerings, the 34M2C8600 is considered the most premium.

The 34M2C8600 has HDR TrueBlack 400 certification for its QD-OLED panel and 1440p UltraWide resolution. The monitor also has a 175Hz refresh rate, but additional specs remain unknown to the public.

Larger 42M2C5500W Comes with Just 138 Hz Refresh Rate

The much larger 42M2C5500W gives players a more TV-like size but a more monitor-like appearance and specs. The monitor includes an HDMI 2.1 and can have 4K resolution with the help of the OLED panel.

Its refresh rate is capable of 138 Hz, which comes with a quotation, “low input lag.” On top of that, other specs remain unknown for this particular monitor.

Smaller 27M2C5500W Comes with a Massive 240 Hz Refresh Rate

The smallest monitor on the list is the 27M2C5500W which comes with the traditional 1440p resolution but is capable of a much faster 240Hz refresh rate. The monitor also comes with DisplayHDR 400 certification.

As for the prices of the monitors, the 34M2C7600MV is expected to cost just over $2,000. The 42-inch OLED could cost buyers $1,900, the 34-inch QD-OLED could cost just over $1,800, and last, but not least, the 27-inch 1440p display could cost buyers just over $550.

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Philips Evnia Official Video

The gaming monitors are expected to launch in mid-January of 2023. Philips Monitors released a video on YouTube showing a glimpse of the Evnia monitor.


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