Parent Creates Color-Changing Prom Dress with LED Strips, 3D Printing, and Programming

A new project was spotted wherein a dress was equipped with LED strips to light in the dark with either blue or pink light. The interesting thing about this project is that a parent did it for their daughter’s prom dress.

Parent Decided to Upgrade Their Daughter’s Prom Dress

While most parents usually just go to the store or mall to pick out a prom dress, one parent, Kellechu, decided to take things a step further. The parent decided to modify a dress by adding ways to make it glow with LED strips underneath the dress.

According to the story by Hackaday, Kellechu decided to go full parent beast mode and turn a simple prom dress into one that lights up. This project was done with the help of some genuine engineering through DIY crafting, sewing, and a few other electronic things to be mentioned later on.

Techniques Involved to Place the Dress Together Include 3D Printing, Electronics, and Programming

To be very specific, aside from the techniques involved in placing the dress together, the project also required electronics, 3D printing, and programming to piece everything together. The whole project can be found on Instructables.

A video was uploaded on the website. The video shows how the prom dress could magically change colors from blue to pink, white, red, orange, and green.

LED Strips Installed In the Dress

The article by Hackaday notes that the dress skirt was made of tulle, which allows an LED strip to be positioned underneath for the colors to show. The top part of the dress was made of fiber optic fabric which was sown to hold different bundles.

A 20 NeoPixel “Dots Strand” strip was used around the waistline, with 12 of the NeoPixels using an “out cap” for the fiber optics to light up. The remaining NeoPixels were then fitted at the lower part of the skirt portion of the dress.

Battery Pack Installed was Hidden in a Yoga Bike Shorts with Side Pockets

The wand was then 3D printed to equip an RFM69HCW Packet Radio M0 Feather and a NeoPixel LED color ring. The wand also packs “a TCS34725 Flora color sensor powered by a 2.2 Ah and 3.7 V LiPo battery.”

The Feather was used to receive messages from the wand to sense color and direct the LED strips to change colors accordingly. The dress used a 10 Ah 3.7 V LiPo with battery and electronics comfortably fitting into yoga bike shorts with side pockets.

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Kellechu Uploaded a Full Step-by-Step Process on the Project

Kellechu uploaded the full step-by-step process on Instructables, complete with the measurements for the different materials being used. For those interested in making the dress, just make sure to adjust the measurements accordingly depending on whom the dress is for since the project was done for Kellechu’s daughter’s prom dress.


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