OnePlus Commits to Four Major Updates for ‘Some’ of Its 2023 Phones In Light of Competitors Like Samsung

OnePlus is committing to four major updates for “some” of its 2023 phones as competitors promised to do the same. One of its competitors, Samsung, promised to offer four major updates to its flagship devices.

Android OEMs Have Started to Give Updates to Users Including Their Main Flagships

For years, many Android OEMs have chosen not to give updates to users, even those that purchase their main flagship devices. According to the story by Giz China, in the past, users only got two major Android updates, and only in some cases would they get another third major update.

Thankfully, Samsung has changed the playing field by offering up to four major flagship updates with a level of support that only Google units used to get. Samsung also noted that they saw other brands potentially follow suit, like Xiaomi.

OnePlus Commits to Four Major Updates Limited to 2023 Flagship Devices

As seen on GSM Arena, OnePlus is committed to offering up to four major updates for its device but with a catch. The brand noted that it commits to offering up to four major updates for its devices but with a catch.

The catch is that not all smartphones will get the update, and only “some” of its 2023 phones will receive it. The company announced that it’d offer up to five years of security patches for its devices.

OnePlus 11 is Coming Soon with Updates of Oxygen OS 13 and Android 13

The article by Giz China notes that it isn’t surprising and that most Android OEMs have started to make the same commitment. Sadly, not all 2023 smartphones will receive the updates since they are limited to flagship devices.

The OnePlus 11, which is still coming soon, will be part of the software support with four major updates. The smartphone reportedly came with the updates of OxygenOS 13 and Android 13.

Devices are Expected to Get Android 14, Android 15, and Android 16 Updates

This means the device is set to get the Android 14, Android 15, and Android 16 updates. Security patches are expected to arrive bi-monthly, unlike Samsung’s monthly security patches.

OnePlus as a company, has constantly been evolving its software updates, like with the OnePlus 8, highlighted in an article by XDA-Developers, which is eligible for at least three OS versions and security patches worth up to four years.

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OnePlus was Once Considered One of the Best In Terms of Providing Regular Updates

The OnePlus 7, as well as the Nord series, on the other hand, get two new OS updates and security patches worth three years. The OnePlus N-series phones got a single OS update and security patches worth three years.

OnePlus’ treatment for its mid-range phones is not the best, especially compared to its Korean competitor, Samsung. OnePlus was once considered one of the best companies regarding updates, but this was when other companies did not do much in terms of updates.

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