Oggs.com spruces up its reviews with player experience insights

Already renowned for publishing Online Casino Reviews for many years, Oggs.com today announced that they are supplementing their classic reviews with the addition of ‘player-focused’ reviews and critiques for several top online casinos – starting with 32Red.

In the past, reviews have tended to focus more on important key issues such as fairness of play, customer support and speed of processing winnings and less on the on the actual feel of the playing experience at these casinos.

The brand new format for the reviews will concentrate more on the playing experience, as well as reporting on how the casino has customised the player interface. These will sit alongside the ‘traditional’ features and support based casino reviews that are already up on the site.

Commenting on the new review style, Chairman Solomon Balas said “The new format is not intended as a replacement for the reviews that we already publish; rather, we see them as being an enhancing supplementary service for our visitors. Online Casinos use common software platforms but there is a degree of customisation that is available to them. These reviews are intended to give our visitors a flavour of this before they go to play.”
The first casino to receive the brand new Oggs.com player-focused review is 32Red. Overall the review is extremely positive as one might expect for one of the leading Online Casinos in the industry. However, it does highlight one or two minor shortcomings that could be improved upon, though these are restricted to specific areas of the casino.

You can read the player review of 32Red’s Online Casino here.

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