Nvidia RTX 4090 Capabilities: Can It Run ‘Genshin Impact’ at 13K Resolution?

Nvidia is put to the test by gamers after recently releasing its latest 40-series graphics card on Oct. 12, which quickly sold out.

The RTX 4090 boasts powerful specifications, according to an Nvidia blog, including third-generation RT Cores, eighth-generation NVIDIA Dual AV1 Encoder, and Micron G6X memory capable of reaching up to 1 terabyte of bandwidth.

Tech enthusiasts who could get their hands on the game-changing graphics card have recently shared their experiences online, running different games on high-end graphics. Youtuber Golden Reviewer took the challenge of testing his Nvidia RTX 4090 on one of the most popular open-world games, “Genshin Impact.”

“Genshin Impact” is an adventure RPG with gacha mechanics released by China-based video game developer Hoyoverse, originally known as Mihoyo, in 2020. Known for its stunning visual experience, the game was recognized as the winner of the “Visuals and Graphics category” during the 2021 Apple Design Awards.

Running ‘Genshin Impact’ on Nvidia RTX 4090

“Genshin Impact” was designed to run on mobile, PC, and Xbox. Thus the minimum requirements to run the game would not prove to be demanding as it only requires at least an Nvidia GT 1030.

However, Youtuber Golden Reviewer pushed “Genshin Impact”s graphics to the limit in a video testing the Nvidia RTX 4090’s maximum capabilities.

According to PCMag, the test was able to run the game at a resolution of 13,760 by 5,760. The start of the video showed “Genshin Impact”s graphic settings set to the highest, showcasing the breathtaking scenery of Teyvat as the user’s character traveled in different parts of the map. Notably, the frame rate averages at around 30 frames per second while running on 13K resolution.

As for Golden Reviewer’s device specifications, they used an Asus Prime Z490-P motherboard with an Intel Core i7-10700KF, 64GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200 RAM, and a Samsung 970 EVO 2TB SSD as revealed in the video description.

Netizens took to the comments section of the Youtube video to express their awe at the impressive graphics, with one user writing: “Fantastic graphics details. The way it’s meant to be played.”

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Nvidia RTX 4090 Users Reporting Issues?

Despite the game-changing performance of the Nvidia RTX 4090, the latest graphics card is not without its downsides.

According to The Register, a user on the Nvidia subreddit forum reported that their power cable melted off while it was plugged into their Nvidia RTX 4090. Another Reddit user shared a similar experience with their chip as the thread went on to discuss the thermal risks of the massive PC component.

While a representative from Nvidia has reached out to the user privately, according to a moderator’s reply on the subreddit, it is unknown what tech support has to say on the issue.

Notably, the RTX 4090 is not Nvidia’s fastest chip in the market, as it is a cut-down version of the AD102, which is reportedly twice as fast as its predecessor, the RTX 3090.

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