Nvidia, Microsoft to Build an AI Supercomputer—Aims to Deliver the ‘First Public Cloud’ with its Tech

Nvidia and Microsoft are joining forces to create a powerful AI Supercomputer, centering on a large-scale venture to deliver its best products to showcase its capabilities. It will center on Nvidia’s GPUs to help the process, as well as the Quantum-2 Infiniband networking platform, its AI Enterprise software, and Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing system.

The partnership is described as a multi-year project where the two companies will deliver massive tech to help different enterprises and organizations train, deploy and scale AI, and more.

Nvidia, Microsoft to Build an AI Supercomputer

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Nvidia announced its partnership with Microsoft, aiming to deliver an AI Supercomputer in the future utilizing the best of the company’s services and products. 

The Santa Clara-based company will offer tens of thousands of NVIDIA A100 and H100 GPUs, NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand networking, and the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite to the Microsoft Azure platform. 

The companies will combine their technology to deliver the AI Supercomputer for their customer needs, centering on training scalable AI for enterprises and their needs.

Its AI Supercomputer will also integrate with Microsoft’s DeepSpeed software, one that is responsible for deep learning AI for optimization. 

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Nvidia’s Best and Microsoft’s Azure

The collaboration centers on the best of both companies, with the Nvidia GPUs to power the Supercomputer which the pair will deliver to the future public. On the other hand, Microsoft’s famous cloud computing platform will help in bringing the service for all that needs it, centering on the many developments for the world’s first public cloud using Nvidia’s tech. 

Nvidia and Microsoft’s Tech

AI computing is one of the most advanced and growing industries in the world, and massive companies are developing their technology to make it happen and available to many. Nvidia founders recently pledged to donate a massive $50 million investment to AI computing for Oregon State University, a testament to their dedication to the cause. 

The latest graphics cards from Nvidia also center on the company’s main focus on GPU development for the gaming industry, with other ventures centering on its supercomputer plans. 

On the other hand, one of the most famous cloud computing software in the world is Microsoft’s Azure, a service that has proven itself in the past applications of the project. 

It is the known service provider for the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, with many high-profile clients utilizing its cloud services for their needs. 

With its success in their respective fields, Nvidia and Microsoft are two of the Big Tech companies which have an agreement now, to center on an AI Supercomputer for the world to use. The companies will engage in this multi-year partnership to deliver powerful scalable AI running on the Azure platform, for technological improvements. 

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