Nvidia Is Facing Lawsuit Over RTX 4090’s Melting Connector

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Nvidia due to the melting issues reported with the connection cable for its GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card.

The RTX 4090 is reportedly Nvidia’s most powerful gaming graphics card so far.

According to a report by PCMag, a man named Lucas Genova, who resides in New York, filed the case last week. And it was discovered by Tom’s Hardware the following week.

The issue with RTX 4090’s Cable

Complaints have been lodged over the 12VHPWR connector that is included free of charge with the RTX 4090 unit.

Through a single 16-pin connector, the cable is designed to provide sufficient power to the RTX 4090 graphics card. However, after the product’s release, more than 20 customers have reported the connector partly melting, as stated by users on the Nvidia Reddit website.

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A Customer’s Complaint

Genova is one of those customers and is now seeking damages.

He claims in his case that he also purchased an RTX 4090 and that immediately after using it, he discovered that the 12VHPWR cable had begun to melt.

Based on the complaint, the reason for the melting seems to be a design fault related to the high wattage passing through each of the 16 pins.

It stated that even if there is only a momentary break in the electrical connection for any of the pins, an excessively high current will flow through the remaining pins. This will then cause the pins to melt down.

Genova is now requesting that the corporation pay reparations to customers who have been adversely impacted.

His case requests that the court or the jury decide the amount based on charges that Nvidia fraudulently benefited itself, breached the guarantee on the goods, and engaged in unfair business practices.

A statement from Nvidia was requested by PC Mag, but the company did not provide one right away.

However, Nividia’s representative said to Kitguru a week ago that the firm was continuing to look into the issues that have been identified regarding the 12VHPWR connectors.

Review and Analysis

Meanwhile, Gamers Nexus has produced in-depth research and test, which was uploaded on YouTube.

The analysis suggests the melting problems may be caused by a mix of poor design and people wrongly putting the 16-pin cable into the graphics card.

Therefore, if you own an RTX 4090, it is strongly recommended that you clear the 16-pin connectors of any debris, insert them securely into the GPU, and refrain from tugging the wire at an angle.

Reportedly, this will guarantee the maximum possible performance from your graphics card.

Other Business

Elsewhere, Nvidia just announced its partnership with Microsoft to build a cutting-edge AI Supercomputer, with a priority on a massive project that will include the two companies’ top-tier offerings. 

The focus will be on Nvidia’s GPUs, the Quantum-2 Infiniband networking architecture, the company’s AI Enterprise software, and Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to aid in the process.

The firms said they want to work together on a multi-year effort that will see them supply significant technology to aid many businesses and organizations in AI training, deployment, scaling, and more.

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