Nintendo Switch ‘7 Days to End With You’ Release Date Confirmed: Learn More About Its January 26, 2023 Launch

The Nintendo Switch is getting a new game that breaks away from the typical gameplay with its visual novel approach. The title “7 Days to End with You” has confirmed its release date on the handheld device and will launch on January 26, 2023.

‘7 Days to End with You’ to Get a Nintendo Switch Version After PC and Mobile

Some games can follow repetitive gameplay, and now, Nintendo Switch is coming out with a new title that breaks away from the typical hack-and-slash approach. The visual novel lets players intensely follow a specific character to know their story and their progression.

“7 Days to End with You” was already available for mobile platforms and PC. The game can be found on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android, which both dropped early this year on January 24, 2023.

The Game is Only Available for PC Download via Steam

The game is also available for PC download via Steam, which dropped on February 6, according to the story by Gematsu. The article notes that there will be Switch-exclusive features as the game finally makes its way to the handheld device.

PLAYISM provided an overview of the game, starting with the line, “to know a language, know the world, and finally know you.” The game starts off with players not knowing a single language in the world around them.

The Nintendo Switch Version to Come with ‘Slightly Different Endings’

This creates an intensely challenging gameplay where players try to understand the people and characters around them while being free to interpret different meanings as they please. Despite having a story, the game still gives freedom to the player’s interpretation of the events inside the game.

Highlighting the Switch-exclusive features, the article notes that upon release for the PC and smartphones, the game came with a lot of freedom for players to decide their path. The good thing about the Nintendo Switch version is that it will come with “slightly different endings.”

Players Will Also Get Access to Gallery to Save Key Moments in the Game

On top of the different endings, players will also unlock exclusive new endings, which are expectedly not included in the PC and Switch versions. This means fans that have unlocked all endings for the game on other devices will still enjoy something new when they play “7 Days to End with You” on the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game will also come with an improved translation and the ability to unlock a gallery function when players finish the game. This way, players can take key game moments and store them away in the gallery.

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‘7 Days to End with You’ New Trailer Version for English and Japanese

“7 Days to End with You” also has a new trailer for players to learn more about its drop on the Nintendo Switch. There are two versions of the trailer, one in English and one in Japanese.





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