New iPhone 15 Ultra Price Could Drain Your Wallet; Tips on How to Save Money When Buying It

The new iPhone 15 Ultra is expected to be added to Apple’s iOS smartphone lineup as early as 2023. 

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A customer uses her new smartphone during the release of the iPhone 6s at an Apple store in Shanghai on September 25, 2015. Apple launched the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus on September 25 featuring 3D touch screen technology.

However, new rumors claimed that this handset could drain consumers’ wallets because of its exorbitant price tag. 

As of writing, Apple consumers are still waiting for the arrival of the iPhone 15 Ultra. This new iOS gadget is expected to debut in September 2023. 

If you are among the interested buyers, here’s what you need to know about its price. 

New iPhone 15 Ultra Price Could Drain Your Wallet

According to Forbes’ latest report, the new iPhone 15 Ultra is the new name for the Pro Max models. 

New iPhone 15 Ultra Price Could Drain Your Wallet; Tips on How to Save Money When Buying It

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An attendee holds a new Apple iPhone 14 Pro during an Apple special event on September 07, 2022 in Cupertino, California. Apple unveiled the new iPhone 14 as well as new versions of the Apple Watch, including the Apple Watch SE, a low-cost version of the popular timepiece that will start st $249.

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But, the gadget title is not the only change you can expect from this device. When it comes to price, the upcoming iPhone 15 Ultra is expected to start at $1,299. 

This is a $200 price increase compared to the current iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

“Apple has been losing margins year after year. Rising production costs and inflation, that makes the money the company has in the bank worth less, have finally broken the camel’s back,” said a leaker. 

The individual added that the new iPhone 15 Ultra would be more expensive than any other iPhone, even in the United States.  

Money-Saving Tips for iPhone Users

MakeUseOf provides some of the best tricks you can rely on to save money when purchasing a new iPhone. 

These methods may not be 100% efficient for the new iPhone 15 Ultra, but there are still worth the try: 

  • If you have a mobile carrier, then you should check their offered deals once the new iPhone 15 Ultra is rolled out. There are some instances when these mobile carriers offer great discounts for new smartphones. 
  • Using a payment plan can also help you save money on new iOS smartphones. You can even have some perks that are unavailable on cash purchases. 
  • If you no longer want to use your current iOS smartphone, you can trade it in to reduce the price of the new iPhone 15 Ultra. 
  • One of the most efficient money-saving tips is waiting for the right time to buy. Remember, when a new iOS handset is released, its original price will go down after a few months. 

The new iPhone 15 Ultra is not the only smartphone you should be looking forward to. Some advanced Android devices will soon arrive. 

These include the new Samsung Galaxy S23 and the Techno Phantom X2 Pro. 

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