New IKEA Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Launches Under ‘Vappeby Brand with 80 Hours of Battery Life at Just $15

Music fans can take their music with IKEA’s latest addition to its Vappeby lineup: a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The small and stylish device fits perfectly in their shower and is a mere $15 – a downright steal. 

Water and Dust-Resistant Exterior with IP67 Rating 

The product is designed for maximum portability, so buyers can hang it in the shower or clip the lanyard carrying cord to their bag to take it just about anywhere. The speaker’s exterior is water and dust-resistant, with an IP67 rating, so they won’t need to worry about splashing or sand getting inside. 

According to the story by Engadget, since its launch in 2019, IKEA’s Vappeby lineup has steadily expanded to include all audio-related products. The newest addition to the portfolio is a tiny, waterproof Bluetooth speaker designed to entertain buyers while they shower. 

Stay Connected with the Vappeby Bluetooth Shower Speaker 

The Vappeby speaker is a three-inch square, a two-inch thick silicone-coated device with a lanyard-style cord so buyers can hang it in the shower, carry it with them, or pair up two of them as stereos. 

It comes in three styles – yellow, black, and red – and is IP67 rated for water and dust resistance. It costs just $15, per Tom’s Guide, making it one of the most affordable Bluetooth shower speakers on the market. But the Vappeby speaker has more than a low price tag. 

Highlighting iKEA’s Vappeby Lineup: Bluetooth, Spotify, and Sonos Range of Speakers 

This speaker packs a punch with an 80-hour battery life at 50 percent volume and clear, 360-degree sound projection. Its charger is the only downside; it must be plugged in with a USB-A, not USB-C, but chances are buyers have got a few to hand. 

As spotted on the company’s website, iKEA’s Vappeby lineup also offers an outdoor LED lamp equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, Spotify-enabled integration, and the Symfonisk range of Sonos speakers, including products such as bookshelf speakers and wall art/speaker combos. 

Unlock 360-Degree Sound with the Vappeby Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 

The Vappeby waterproof Bluetooth speaker delivers a surprisingly good product laced with features for a fraction of the price of most competitors. Whether buyers are showering, lounging in their living room, or out for a picnic in the park, this $15 device will ensure their favorite tunes are always playing.

The Vappeby line also has a few other star products, such as an LED lamp with an optional Bluetooth speaker. The IP65 dust/splash lamp is rated for outdoor use, and the speaker offers 360-degree sound. 

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Take Music Anywhere with IKEA’s Vappeby Waterproof Model 

If fans want higher-grade speakers, check out the Symfonisk lineup of Sonos speakers. Consisting of a bookshelf speaker, floor lamp-speaker, and a wall art-speaker combo, these offer sound optimized for all listening experiences. 

IKEA’s Vappeby waterproof model is on sale now for only $15, allowing buyers to take their music anywhere, even the shower. With a long-lasting battery, versatile design, and sleek colors, it’s sure to be a hit.

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