New Cyber Monday Sale Sees the MSI GS76 Stealth Gaming Laptop Drop by $550 Down to Just $1,199

A new Cyber Monday deal just dropped where the MSI GS76 Stealth Gaming Laptop dropped significantly down to just $1,199 after a 31% discount. Buyers have a short timeframe to avail of this discount as the deal expires soon.

Gaming Laptop is Great for Gaming and Other Heavy Work with Added Portability

Buying a gaming laptop is a great way to enjoy portability while using a high-powered computer for gaming or other heavy work. The problem with some gaming laptops is that they can be expensive for most buyers.

One thing that some buyers noticed during the height of the semiconductor shortage period was that purchasing individual parts to build a PC was close to impossible. Some people had to buy GPUs at scalper prices just to build a desktop computer.

The Prices of GPUs have Made It Hard for Buyers to Build a PC

Due to this, some buyers have made it a habit of purchasing laptops since they already include the most needed parts for gamers. Although a laptop’s performance differs from a PC’s, the advantage of a laptop is that it already includes a GPU and other needed parts.

To add, gamers can also benefit from the portability of the gaming monitor, especially if they do not have a permanent setup. Gaming laptops are designed for users to enjoy the needed specs for different games without purchasing GPUs individually.

Another Option is to Buy the MSI GS76 Stealth Gaming Laptop on Cyber Monday at a Discount

While the prices of GPUs have somehow improved, buyers can still enjoy discounts during the Cyber Monday sale. One particular device that dropped massively in price is a gaming laptop by MSI.

An article by The Verge spotted the MSI 17.3-inch GS76 Stealth Gaming Laptop selling at a massive discount during the Cyber Monday sale. The gaming laptop drops from its original discount of $1,749 down to $1,199.

The MSI GS76 Stealth Gaming Laptop Packs an RTX 3060 GPU and i7-11800H CPU

The MSI GS76 Stealth packs the RTX 3060 GPU and the i7-11800H CPU in the article. This makes it capable of handling some of the most recent games that demand high specs to be played.

The MSI GS76 Stealth Gaming Laptop also has a larger 17.3-inch screen with 240Hz and QHD resolution. It is also portable at just 5.4 pounds and is slightly less than an inch thick.

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The Gaming Laptop Sells for $550 Less than Its Listed Price

To help make the gaming laptop faster, it is Wi-Fi 6E compatible and packs 32GB of RAM and 512GB of NVMeS SSD. The device is also VR-ready and capable of most high-end gaming requirements.

The MSI GS76 Gaming Laptop’s original price was $1,749, but because of a 31% discount, it dropped its price to $1,199. The gaming laptop was found on B&H and is only available at a discount until November 30 at 11:59 PM EST.

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