New AirJet Cooling Chip Can Boost Laptop Performance by 100%

A tech startup out of San Jose, California, unveiled a new kind of electronic device cooling system on Thursday, Dec. 1. It claims to operate more quietly than conventional fans and boost the performance of laptop computers.

Frore Systems, the company behind the “AirJet” cooling chip, has started working with Intel on the technology, as reported by PCMag.

The firm boasts its cooling system may increase a laptop’s performance by as much as 100%, depending on the setup.

Revolutionary Chips

The AirJet chip was developed to combat the issue of laptops slowing down their CPUs to avoid overheating. For this reason, there is a certain amount of time during which a laptop may maintain its maximum clock speed before thermals cause the system to reduce performance automatically.

Heat is becoming the primary limiting factor in computer performance, Frore Systems claims in a document outlining its own technology.

It said the newest CPUs promise increased performance, but only 50% or less is achieved in actual devices. As CPUs have become more powerful and heat-intensive, thermal solutions have lagged behind, as well.

Therefore, Frore Systems came out with the AirJet chip as a “solid-state thermal solution” that eliminates the need for fans. 

The business claims tiny membranes that vibrate at ultrasonic frequency are housed within AirJet. These membranes provide a strong airflow channeled into the chip via the upper inlets.

How it Works

The mechanism generates a strong jet force that may expel hot air via the laptop’s several exhaust ports. Another opening serves as a vacuum, sucking in ambient air to cool the AirJet processor. 

The cooling system of a laptop is supposed to make barely audible noise between 24 and 29 decibels, or barely louder than a whisper. 

AirJet chips are just roughly 2.8mm thick, which offers a further benefit.

The technique is intriguing because it might lead to even slimmer, quieter, and more powerful laptops. Regardless, the most pressing concern is whether or not the AirJet really delivers the claimed results. 

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Product Release

Frore Systems has yet to reveal specifics on when the cooling system will be implemented into finished products, but they promised it would be introduced next year. Pricing details have not yet been disclosed.

The company, however, intends to showcase the technology at the next CES conference in Las Vegas.

Frore Systems told PCMag that the AirJet is ideal for portable devices like laptops, cellphones, and tablets for gaming. Yet, the startup hopes to branch out into other markets eventually. Maybe a desktop AirJet chip is feasible, too!

PC manufacturers may expect the AirJet in two distinct versions. 

On Thursday, Frore Systems began shipping the AirJet Mini, optimized for thin and fanless laptops. 

The business expects to release the AirJet Pro chip in the first quarter of 2023, tailored for high-powered laptops and portable gaming systems.

Josh Newman, Intel’s VP of Mobile Innovation, stated, “Frore Systems’ AirJet technology offers a new and novel approach to help achieve these design goals in new ways and Intel is excited about the engineering collaboration with Frore Systems to help ready their technology for future Intel Evo laptops.”

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