Microsoft Teases New Windows 11 Dev Channel Build: Fixes, New Features, More

A new Windows 11 update will soon arrive, so here is a preview of the new fixes and features.

Microsoft recently launched a preview of the latest Windows Dev Channel via the new Preview Build 25262, according to Windows.

Aside from various fixes and new features in the user interface, removing the Widgets Board sign-in requirement is one of the long-requested improvements in Windows 11 in this release.

Microsoft claims that as of Build 25262, all users may now get widgets, weather updates, and tailored dynamic feeds without an account.

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Windows 11 Update: No More Widget Board Sign-in Requirement

According to MSPower User, the widgets board previously required users to sign into their Microsoft accounts in order for the widgets to sync with their other devices. However, this will change with the arrival of Build 25262. 

The new update would allow distribution of content relevant to consumers’ interests to their computers. With this, the requirement for signing into an account will be eliminated in this release, though it is still difficult to say whether Microsoft will keep it this way going forward, given that this is still just a trial. 

Additionally, a new Quick Assist link can be found at the bottom of the Troubleshooters page in the System section of Settings which simplifies access to resources for fixing PC problems.

Windows 11 Update Fixes: Full Changelog

While there may only be a handful of new features, the Windows 11 update will hold even more fixes responding to feedback and a more simplified user interface.

Here is the full list of Windows fixes according to XDA-Developers:

  • Fixed an issue where if the Widgets app package was missing on your PC, explorer.exe would crash in a loop after upgrading to Build 25252. This issue is also believed to be the cause of Windows Sandbox not working in this build.
  • Fixed an issue that caused secondary drives or other PCI devices not to be viewable for certain Insiders.
  • Fixed an issue where, with the system tray design updates, auto-hiding the taskbar would stop working after you had interacted with the hidden icons flyout.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing a gap between full-screen windows and the taskbar on secondary monitors.
  • The system tray area should no longer shift as the numbers change in the clock.
  • Fixed an issue causing the top half of the media controls in Quick Settings to be sometimes missing.
  • We fixed the issue where you needed to press backspace after typing before you would see results for certain files ending with .cmd, .exe, or .bat.
  • Improved the performance of launching the search window in some instances.
  • Fixed an issue where the search box would not show up on multiple monitors as expected when clicking on either one.
  • Fixed an issue when clicking the search box on the taskbar. The search box would momentarily flash before the Search flyout displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where when dragging a window to a monitor with lower DPI, your mouse might appear to jump away from the window it was holding.
  • Fixed an issue causing explorer.exe to crash when opening certain items from the Recent section in File Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue where the graphs on the performance page in Task Manager might not update (even though the real-time update speed setting wasn’t paused).

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