Microsoft Teams Now Features Casual Games to ‘Build Work Connections’

Microsoft’s Teams chat and calling service received a series of casual games on Wednesday, Nov. 16, as part of the company’s efforts to lure users inside the app for longer periods of time. 

In addition to Microsoft’s classic games, the company has developed a new one called IceBreakers to facilitate workplace bonding.

Games to Play With Colleagues

The tech giant has released an update to its collaboration platform, Teams, titled Games for Work. This update adds a new app for playing casual multiplayer games with coworkers, Engadget reported. 

Solitaire, Minesweeper, IceBreakers, and Wordament may all be played in multiplayer mode with up to 250 players.

Classic Windows games include Solitaire, in which players compete head-to-head to arrange the cards in some systematic order first. 

Minesweeper is a clickable squares puzzle game where employees may virtually team up to win by navigating through virtual mines. It is also possible for people to just observe the entertainment.

Microsoft VP Nicole Herskowitz explained in a blog post that the enhanced spectator mode within the software lets everyone, whether actively playing that round or not, watch the activity and connect with the players on screen. It seems comparable to watching an episode of “Jeopardy!”

Wordament is, as could be expected, a word game. Players will be able to challenge their vocabulary and spark some friendly rivalry. They may check how they rank amongst other colleagues on a shared scoreboard. 

The new IceBreakers, as the name suggests, is a game in which they answer questions on a certain subject to learn more about their coworkers.

According to a report by CNBC, a Microsoft representative told them that the IceBreakers concept was well received.

“As we tested different game ideas across Microsoft, this was one of the most requested game types, and we listened to the feedback to create this game,” the spokesperson wrote in an email.

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Promoting Fun and Engagement

CNBC reported that Microsoft is trying to promote Teams as the go-to place for work and business by building on the product’s early success during the pandemic when workers were compelled to work together remotely. 

The desktop software industry has taken notice of the success of Microsoft’s collaboration tool Teams, with others like Adobe and SAP creating integrations for their products.

Microsoft hopes that they can “build work connections through play.” 

In the Gaming Sector

Microsoft is no stranger to the video game market. 

The company offers a wide variety of casual gaming options in addition to its flagship Xbox series, which debuted in 2001. Windows users, for instance, may download the Microsoft Solitaire Collection software, which includes the traditional Klondike game.

In January, Microsoft announced it would be acquiring Activision Blizzard, publisher of the first-person shooter Call of Duty series. The price involved is around $69 billion. In order for the transaction to go through, it must first get regulatory approval.

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