Mate’s Latest Cargo E-bike Is an SUV Reimagined: Here’s What We Know So Far

Mate debuts its newest vehicle, it is a massive cargo e-bike resembling a mini SUV.

Electric bike manufacturer Mate is best recognized for its small, folding electric bikes. The new Mate SUV, according to the e-bike company, is intended to provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to car trips that are less than five miles in length.

The Mate SUV will initially be offered in the UK and Europe, with Mate reportedly planning to deliver the e-bikes to customers in Q3 of 2023.

Fortunately, Move Electric reports that interested riders can already reserve the MATE SUV for 49 euros, which can also give them a 20% discount benefit on the total price of 6,499 euros for the e-bike.

Why the Mate Cargo E-bike Is an SUV Reimagined

The MATE SUV e-bike is designed to haul a big load of cargo, thus the extra wheel that has turned it into an electric trike. Its durable build ensures that the e-bike is more stable and offers a huge front cargo bucket catered for loading up with gear or kids.

“Imagine if we together could ignite a movement of people who change how we get from A to anywhere. Imagine a carrier that can change to fit the purpose of many different needs. Imagine a vehicle that will move more than your goods. This is the SUV reimagined.” According to Mate’s official product site.

In addition to its durability and functionality, the company emphasized its vision to build a vehicle that would simply be both cool and fun to ride for e-bike users.

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Mate SUV Cargo E-bike Build and Specs

According to Electrek, the Mate SUV Cargo e-bike is created with a frame that employs 90% recyclable aluminum and makes it out of shock-absorbing materials. Thus, the e-bike is designed to accommodate a wide variety of rider heights from 160-210 cm (5’3″ to 6’10”). Due to its durability, it can carry two kids or even one adult in the front bucket.

Additionally, the bike can fit up to 210 L or 55.5 gallons if you will be transporting precious cargo. The e-bike is equipped with hydraulic brakes that helps bring all of the weight to a stop, keeping passengers and the cargo safe and in place.

A front and rear LED light bar is also installed in the cargo compartment’s visibility area to ensure that other road users can see the e-bike and its occupants. In addition, the vehicle is installed with 4G connectivity, which allows for vehicle tracking and setting critical functions via a smartphone app.

Its mid-drive motor with a built-in torque sensor is powerful enough to move your cargo around with a 90 Nm torque rating. The e-bike’s battery is also rated for up to 100 km or 62 miles of range per charge, ensuring that riders can safely travel with the support of electric assist.

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