MacBook Air M1 Spotted Selling for Just $799: Massive $200 Drop

The Apple MacBook Air M1 was spotted selling at a massive $200 discount dropping its price from $999 to just $799. The sale makes the MacBook on par with the iPad Pro M2.

Apple iPad Pro M2 Spotted Selling at $799, the Same Price as the Discounted MacBook Air M1

According to Tom’s Guide’s story, Apple recently released the Apple iPad Pro M2 at exactly $799. This could be a good choice for buyers who wanted to purchase a tablet anyway, but for those who picked the tablet because it was cheaper, with the new sale, buyers can think again.

The MacBook Air M1 is now being sold at the same price as the iPad Pro M2 making it reasonable for buyers to decide whether to purchase the iPad Pro M2 or the MacBook Air M1. Should convenience and carry be the user’s primary concerns, the iPad Pro M2 might be a better choice.

What are the Advantages of the Apple MacBook Air M1

However, buyers who want the most power and would prefer a computer to a tablet should consider the deal since it puts the Apple laptop at the same price as its latest tablet. To be fair, portability is also not the only concern buyers think about.

Another thing that some buyers think about is the chip being used in the two devices. The MacBook Air M1 uses the Apple M1 chip, which, although a bit new, is still not as new as the more recent M2.

What are the Advantages of the Apple iPad Pro M2

This means that the iPad Pro M2 has a more updated chip compared to the MacBook Air M1. This could mean a slight performance improvement, but it’s still hard to compare the two against each other since they are different devices.

On top of the portability, there is also a matter of functionality. Since the Apple MacBook Air M1 is a computer, it is capable of hosting apps and software designed for computers as opposed to the iPad Pro M2, which could still be considered mobile.

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Apple MacBook Air M1 vs MacBook Air M2

Another device buyers might also want to explore is the MacBook Air M2 which is being sold at a $100 discount dropping its price from an original $1,199 down to just $1,099. Although not a significant discount, the price change will let buyers purchase the Apple laptop at a cheaper price.

The difference between the Apple MacBook Air M1 and the Apple MacBook Air M2 can be distinguished in the name itself. The Apple MacBook Air M2 uses the M2 chip, the same as the iPad Pro M2.

If buyers don’t mind spending the extra $300 just to get the newest Apple chipset, the MacBook Air M2 is one of their best choices.

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