Londoners and Bristolians prefer house parties to nightclubs thanks to latest music streaming tech

Music streaming and sharing tech has made house parties more fun, according to latest research from JAM Wi-Fi Home Audio

We Brits have always been party animals and what with winter party season almost upon us, with Christmas party invites and ‘save the dates’ already dropping into our inboxes and social media feeds, JAM Wi-Fi Home Audio conducted the definitive survey of British Party Habits in 2016.

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JAM Wi-Fi Home Audio survey of 1,036 20-35-year-old Brits revealed that half (50%) of respondents from London or Bristol now prefer going to a good house party than clubbing, with nearly a third (31%) of respondents saying music sharing technology has made house parties better.

West country party-goers are even more into house parties than the rest of the UK, with over a half (55%) of respondents from Bristol (aged 20-35) preferring a good house party than going out clubbing. City folk also seem to be favouring house parties over clubs this winter, as a half (50%) of respondents aged 20-35 from London would definitely prefer to attend a house party than go to a club.

So what is it about today’s house parties that appeals more to young Brits than going to a club? Perhaps it’s the fact that, according to the JAM survey, on average, Brits aged 30-35 are most likely to pull someone at exactly 11.42pm at a house party! Which, interestingly enough, is 13 minutes after the time at which they are most likely to be drunk (11.29pm) and 14 minutes after the music is most likely to be at its loudest (11.28pm) and 49 minutes after which most people are likely to start dancing (10.53pm)!

“From our survey results it’s clear that music, more than anything else, makes a great house party,” says Nick Grocott from JAM. “Young British party-goers cite three things that made a great house party – good music (67%), good banter (60%) and a good selection of drinks (40%).

“40% of respondents that have attended a house party, said they spend most of their time in the lounge at a house party, mainly because that’s where the music and the action is, with men more likely to want to choose their own playlist. Almost half of women polled (46%) said when it comes to music, they like to be able to listen to a number of peoples’ different playlists and hear new stuff, compared to just over a third of men who said the same (35%).”

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