Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 14 2023 Beats Xiaomi Book Air 13 to Launch: Is It Worth It at $780?

While Xiaomi is getting ready to introduce the Xiaomi Book Air 13 in China, Lenovo decided to launch a new product ahead of its competitor, the Xiaoxin Air 14 2023. Lenovo’s laptop reportedly had similar specs to those of Xiaomi’s.

Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 14 Launch Comes Ahead of the Xiaomi Book Air 13

According to the story by Giz China, The Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 14 comes with a 14-inch panel, but with an LCD screen. Xiaomi’s device, on the other hand, already uses an OLED panel but Lenovo comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate, larger than that of the Xiaomi Book Air 13.

The competition is fierce against the two models as the Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 14 comes with a 2,880 x 1800 resolution or 2.8K display, as noted in an article by Time.News. Its panel is capable of up to 400 nits of brightness which Giz China notes are good for a portable computer.

Specs for the Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 14 Released: Weight, CPU, RAM, and Storage

The laptop is reportedly quite thin by being just between 14.9 and 15.9 mm, with a weight of 1.34kg. The Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 14 Display will also come with a full DC dimming feature.

As for its inside specs, the laptop carries an i5-1240P 12th gen processor with 12 cores and 16 threads and is capable of a 4.4 GHz clock speed. The laptop also comes with a 16 GB RAM and 512 GB of internal storage.

Laptop Comes with a 1080p Camera and Advanced Facial Recognition

The laptop also comes with a 1080p camera as well as advanced facial recognition. The device also includes support for automatic lock screen as well as two-way noise reduction to be added to the user’s video calls.

The Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 14 2023 also comes with Dolby Atmos-tuned Four Speaker Setup and when it comes to connectivity, the device comes with four different Thunderbolt 4 ports. On top of this, the device also comes with a USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 as well as HDMI 2.0 ports.

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Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 14 2023 Price Starts at $780 with No News on When or If There Will be a Global Launch

The Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 14 2023 is assumed to have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 6E.So far, the laptop is already open for pre-orders in China starting at CNY 5,699. This translates to $780 but there is still no news regarding when the device will be available globally.

The device comes in direct competition against Xiaomi’s upcoming laptop. In terms of thickness, however, Giz China notes that Xiaomi still has the upper hand.

It is also worth noting that Lenovo is not yet done with its releases and is still working on different concepts which it is expected to release some time in the future. As for whether it is worth the price, buyers might have to wait until Xiaomi’s launch in order to compare.

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