Lenovo Stretchable Screen Revealed: Slidable and Stretchable Technology Exists?

While foldable smartphones are starting to grow in popularity with the Samsung Z Fold and Z Flip models, it seems like even laptops are evolving into something else. Lenovo has just revealed a laptop with a slidable and stretchable screen.

The Rise of Foldable Displays Once Again

According to Giz China’s story, as technology advances, the standards for regular devices have changed over the years. Over the past three years, foldable smartphones have emerged, with foldable displays returning to style.

The difference between foldable displays today and displays in the past is that even screens can be folded now. The article by Giz China notes that there have already been slidable screens showing up recently.

Slidable and Stretchable Notebook by Lenovo Revealed

Interestingly, this type of technology could progress outside of just smartphones and make its way to tablets. Lenovo, a major player in the notebook market, is doing just this with one of its new laptops.

The Lenovo Tech World 22 event was recently held as a way for the company to introduce new technologies as well as give the public an update on what to expect from the company. The event revealed that the company would have a slidable and stretchable notebook.

Concept Notebook Could have a Vertically Slidable Display and Stretchable Screen

During the event, Lenovo revealed a concept notebook with a vertically slidable display and a stretchable screen. The notebook also packs a 13-inch display and is the original screen size but can be stretched vertically to get a taller device.

After fully sliding and stretching the display vertically, users will have more screen space to carry out different things like multitasking, browsers, mobile apps, and other particular usages. So far, no announcement has been given regarding when the product will be mass-produced. 

Lenovo’s Recent Tech World 22 Event Introduced Multiple Different Technologies

Lenovo, however, proposed an interactive and physical holographic solution to help with immersive remote communication and teamwork. This particular feature was announced during the Tech World 22 event and was called Cyber Spaces.

The company is also expected to release other things like its Freestyle app. This particular app allows users to have universal control and collaboration between their PCs and tablets.

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Freestyle App Lets Users have Full Control Over Their Tablet and PC

The app allows users to gain full control of the pairing of their tablet and transform it into a portable second screen to expand their desktop space even further. As for the notebook, only a teaser was released, as more details are still expected to come in the future.

The company gave no word regarding the notebook’s name or series. The only thing revealed was a concept, but as per the article, this still does not guarantee that the slidable and stretchable notebook would ever reach mass production later.

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