Humane Spring 2023 Debut: Wearable Laser Projector for Android from Former Apple Employees?

Humane is gearing up for a massive year this 2023, as the company teases that its debut to the tech industry will bring its first release by spring. The startup company is best known as the brainchild of ex-Apple employees, with its speculated technology centering on a body-worn wearable tech, focusing on a laser projector powered by Android.

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Still, it is unknown what Humane aims to offer the world, especially with initial speculations regarding its wearable projector and what it would bring the public on its first offering next year.

Humane Announces ‘First Offering’ on Spring 2023

Humane’s latest social media post teases its upcoming showcase next year, inviting the public to see its “first offering” by Spring 2023 for its debut of the device and mark its entry into the tech industry. The post and the image that comes with it did not share a lot with the public, but it has been made known before that it will center on a wearable for all.

One of its most notable showcases centers on its teaser which gives a hint on what its first product would be, centering on a wearable tech that could emit light and images to any sensor.

Nevertheless, it centers on showing the company’s logo, the full moon with a solar eclipse passing through the light.

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Humane Debut: Wearable Laser Projector?

The company did not reveal any further details of its Spring 2023 release, but speculations center on a wearable laser projector, as per its previous announcements to the public. It varies from being an AR glasses that could project these images, but other speculations (via 9to5 Google) say that it will be a body-worn device that could emit light on any surface with its laser tech.

Apple vs. Humane: AR Wearable Tech

For the longest time now, there are leaks and speculations about Apple’s plans for a future AR/VR mixed reality headset that will debut to the public soon, and it will be the company’s first take on the wearable. Leaks and insiders are now centering on Apple’s readiness for an XR headset coming next year, finally ready for the world with its realityOS.

With Apple’s secretive releases, it is yet unknown what the company would offer, with initial speculations claiming that it would debut as early as January 2023.

And while Apple is allegedly gearing up for its mixed-reality headset, a band of ex-Apple employees is also under speculation for next year’s release, centering on AR glasses to deliver.

Initial leaks regarding its project center on AR glasses that could display pictures and other elements on any surface, centering on an advanced laser-powered technology that Humane develops.

Now, the startup company already announced its first offering for the public which will arrive by the Spring season of next year, most likely being the second quarter of the year. Humane’s future deliveries will center on the laser projector, with its wearable features varying from being AR glasses to a body-worn device for its technology.

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