How to Keep Your Laptop Cool Even When Gaming [2022]

Gamers often struggle to maintain their laptops, especially when it comes to gaming. The most common issues that they encounter are overheating and screen freezing.

It’s usual to see this sighting if your laptop can’t handle the graphical performance of the games. With that being said, you should rest your device and let it cool for a little while.

If you’re experiencing a similar problem with your laptop, check these tips to help you out with it.

Common Problems in Gaming Laptops

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According to The World’s Best and Worst review site, the overheating of a laptop can stem from different causes. The article states that there’s a possibility that this problem can also heat the keyboards.

Some gamers also face the sudden shutdown of their laptops during gaming session. If you hear a loud noise from your cooling fan, then your laptop is coping with overheating.

Other than that, your laptop’s gaming performance can also decrease due to overheating when thermal throttling enters the scene. This issue can also result in the premature failure of the hardware.

How to Stop Overheating and Keep Your Laptop Cool

Set Your Game Graphics to Low

If you think that your laptop can’t handle heavy graphics settings, shifting to a low setting could help you. Whenever rendering and everything is going on the screen, your laptop’s performance could be hampered as a result.

This is the reason why we recommend you lower your game settings so you can achieve an ideal FPS for your device. This would also keep your laptop cool when you play a game.

Close the Extra Apps

Before you open a game on your laptop, make sure that no other programs are running in the background. If there are tons of software running at the same time, the laptop’s hardware will become hotter.

We suggest you immediately close the existing apps other than your games to avoid further overheating of your laptop.

Maintain the Cleanliness of your Laptop

The overheating issue is not all about the internal parts of a laptop. Sometimes, users tend to skip the cleaning process for their laptops.

If your laptop is full of dust, the dirt and other debris inside will clog, resulting in overheating. These obstacles obstruct the cooling fan’s airflow, making it worse to handle than usual.

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Bonus Tricks to Make Your PC Run Faster shares these tips so your PC can run faster and better.

  • Update your computer regularly.
  • Regularly restart/shut down your PC.
  • Buy better RAM.
  • Get rid of extra apps that you don’t use.
  • Remove temporary files.
  • Eliminate the unnecessary and big files.
  • Disable auto-launching of the apps.

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Written by Joseph Henry, Senior writer at Tech Times. 

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