Google Updates Chromecast Devices After Over Three Years Since Last Update

Google is finally launching an update for its Chromecast devices after three years since the company launched its last update. Users can expect a minor update since the version number hardly brings major changes.

Google Launches Update for TV Stick Chromecast After Three Years of Nothing

According to the story by Giz China, in 2013, the Google TV stick had the Chrome logo when it debuted with an HDMI port. The initials of Google’s Chromecast were one of the devices that bore the logo.

Streaming visual material from one’s smartphone to their TV should be extremely simple. After an unexpectedly long time, Google released a new update for the original stick.

The New Update Specifically Details It Fixes the Devices Bugs and Adds Certain Enhancements

The article notes that the new update is the first one in three years, and so far, it has surprised users because it is unusual for old devices to get new updates. As per the Google changelog, only “bug fixes and enhancements” were listed for the update.

The software reportedly adds improvements to many recent gadgets like the Chromecast 3rd gen that launched in 2018 and “Cast for Android TV,” which has also received a new update. However, developers did not provide further detail regarding the case and noted that only bug fixes and enhancements had been added.

Chromecast with Google TV Got Upgraded from Android 10 to the Android 12 Operating System

There is also a new Chromecast with a Google TV (4K) update which brings new additions like a decent upgrade in terms of the device’s security level bringing its newest level from July 2022 to October 2022. The update is large at a significant 150 MB, including software for its bug fixes and performance improvements.

Just recently, the Chromecast with Google TV got a massive software upgrade. The Android version of the TV is being used as a foundation and received an update propelling the device from its Android 10 operating system to Android 12, which was released in 2021.

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No Confirmation on Whether the Google TV Stick Will Get an Android 13 Update

The older Android operating system received a lot of criticism in the past due to it being outdated compared to the more recent Android operating systems available on other devices. So far, other devices are already using Android 13 as their operating system.

The article by Giz China notes that it remains unknown whether the TV stick device will receive an Android 13 update soon. The Google TV stick is already two years old, and despite uncertainty regarding the Android 13 update, it is still set to receive certain enhancements.

The publication notes that despite the uncertainty, it is still good to see that Google is providing updates for older devices. This would allow owners of those devices to enjoy more modern updates without having to upgrade.

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