Friendly competition? Have Britons lost the art of fair play?

New research published by Yazino, the world’s first massively multiplayer online social casino, reveals that Britons have lost the art of fair play when it comes to competition.  Inspired by the likes of overacting prima donna footballers, over 940,000 people have faked injury to sneak an advantage in a sporting contest. Some nefarious individuals go even further, with 232,000 men simulating a disability to get one over the opposition.  It is not just men that use sneaky tricks to get their way – over 240,000 women have pretended to be pregnant when competing for a seat on a bus or train. 

Over 450,000 men and almost three quarters of a million women admit to simulating crying to distract their opponent to get their own way. 2.8 million people resort to emotional blackmail to get their own way when competing.  Competition can drive people to the most shameful of behaviour, be it faking an injury to get a player sent off, or pretending to be pregnant to secure preferential treatment. 

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Whether it is racing for the last train seat or getting to the front of a queue, people are more competitive with random strangers than friends, family and colleagues. Over a third (39%) of competitive Britons race to be first onto buses and trains or to squeeze into the last available seat. People are most likely to engage in friendly competition with random strangers (27%), followed by friends (20%) and partners (20%). 

The desire to compete against strangers across the globe has helped fuel the dramatic rise of online and social gaming sites.  One-in-six (16%) of people are most competitive with colleagues, but sibling rivalry accounts for just (8%) for the major rivalries in people’s lives. 

Karen J Pine, Professor of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire and author of Sheconomics, commented: “Competition unlocks our primal instinct for survival.  In   contemporary society we no longer need to fight for food or fire, but the impulse remains so we find ourselves racing for seats on the tube or control of the television remote.   Friendly competition allows us to assert ourselves and rank ourselves against others, this urge to establish a pack hierarchy taps into a primitive human emotion.  Healthy competition can be an important release and has always been a critical survival mechanism for humans.”  

The research published by Yazino reveals how competitive people are in everyday situations.   Time pressures and the need to be first has pushed over 19 million (42%) people with the competitive instinct, to race against other drivers be it accelerating from traffic lights or trying to get ahead of another car in queuing traffic.  Even in car parks people can’t resist challenging other drivers, with almost a third (32%) of people regularly competing with random strangers to secure a parking space. 

Über competitive Brits will even challenge for the right to control the television remote, with 27% fighting for control over the television remote and a further 12% rushing to be first into the bathroom each morning.  

Hussein Chahine, Yazino’s Founder and CEO of Yazino, commented: “It’s well known that people have the innate need to compete.  Games have filled this competitive need, fueling social bonds and strengthening relationships for thousands of years. Yazino is building upon this age-old power of games to offer friendly competition, entertainment, challenge, excitement, and socialiability to our players. We’ve approached this through the casino environment, which we believe is the embodiment of the best aspects of gaming – gathering friends around a table to compete, play, and share an experience. It is important for people find an appropriate outlet for their competitive instinct, testing their wits and skill against others in an environment that is friendly and social.

“Yazino provides that outlet, allowing friends and strangers to meet in a sociable environment to compete in real, honest competition. The games allow people to challenge one another from the comfort of their sofas, sofalising via online competitions against friends and players around the world. We give everyone equal opportunity to have fun and win chips whether you’re a house wife in San Diego or an investment banker in London. Our everyday lives are competitive; we just want to make it more entertaining.”

The research in online social trends was commissioned by Yazino, the world’s first massively multiplayer online casino (MMOC). It is accessible via and Facebook app.  Yazino offers a uniquely fun and competitive social environment connecting the world through casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold’em and Slots. The focus is on providing a fun casino environment, fusing social interaction and multiplayer functionality.


Notes to editors
* Opinium interviewed a random sample of 2011 adults aged 18+ via online omnibus between 14th to 17th October 2010.  Surveys were conducted across the country and the results have been weighted to the profile of all adults. 

Top rivalries people enter into on a regular basis:

  1. Racing against other cars, from the lights or to get ahead in traffic queues (42%)

  2. Competing to get on public transport first or to get the last seat (39%)

  3. Competing for a parking space (32%)

  4. Holding remote control (27%)

  5. To be at the front of a queue (25%)

  6. To be first to their seat or the front of the stage at a show (24%)

  7. To get tickets first for a gig or show (16%)

  8. Control of the music in a car or at a party (15%)

  9. First into the bathroom each morning (12%)

  10. First in at work (8%)

About Yazino
Yazino, the world’s first social casino ( was conceived by three friends who wanted to reinvent the social gaming and online casino worlds by connecting the two together.

Yazino has built a bridge between traditional online gambling and social gaming sites, creating a whole new hybrid category. The entire brand and in-game experience is entertaining and social to its core.

Yazino offers a uniquely fun and competitive environment to connect the world around casino games, such as Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold’em and Slots.  Constantly refreshed multiplayer content, tournaments and the engaging challenge of levels and achievements allow Yazino to define the next generation of online gambling.

We want our players to be able to compete with each other in a friendly environment where they can create their own tables, invite their friends, chat, play against each other or simply compete against a network of like-minded new friends. We want all of this on a site without a house distorting the game experience.

Yazino was founded by Hussein Chahine, Bijan Khezri and Gojko Adzic in 2008.

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