Flipkart Customer Orders a Laptop, But Receives E-Waste and Stone Instead

A Flipkart customer ordered a gaming laptop during Flipkart’s Big Diwali sale. However, what he bought online is not what has arrived at his home.

Apparently, he learned that the packaging of the product was good, but he found that it only contained e-waste and old computer parts.

Outdated Computer Components Instead of Laptop 

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There’s always a risk of getting scammed online especially if you do not know the seller of the product that you want to buy. Of course, you need to carefully assess the reliability of the store if it sells bogus or authentic products.

Apparently, Chinmaya Ramana, a resident of Mangalore, Karnataka in India knew that he was buying from one of the trustworthy stores in the country: Flipkart.

Although Flipkart is considered to be a go-to store for all electronics products and other items, there’s a need to check if you are receiving the right items for your purchase.

Zee News reports that Raman has ordered a gaming laptop as part of the Big Diwali event on Flipkart. It’s similar to Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday deals.

Instead of receiving a laptop, Ramana was surprised to see that the package only contained electronic waste and worn-out computer parts which are already not usable.

He could not believe that the incident happened to him as he only saw them on social media. Ramana witnessed it first-hand to his surprise.

Flipkart Scam

Chinmaya mentioned that he bought an Asus TUF Gaming F15 laptop on Oct. 15. His friend instructed him to buy it since he has exclusive access to Flipkart Plus, the Indian counterpart of Amazon membership.

Five days later, the product was delivered to his home. At first, there was nothing wrong with the packaging since it looked so decent on the outside like the usual delivery boxes.

The buyer said that he shared an OTP with the courier as proof that the product has no damage. The transaction was not an open-box delivery to be exact.

BGR reports that Ramana noticed that the main box of the packaging appeared to be already opened. He discovered that there the product details of the ASUS box have been erased, as well as its barcodes. That’s the time when he figured out that something was wrong with his order.

Instead of seeing a gaming laptop inside, he saw a stone apart from the outdated computer components. He believed that the person behind this scam wanted to keep the box heavy so they put something to trick the buyer.

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Flipkart Investigates the Scam

Ramana immediately contacted Flipkart about the matter. He submitted a return request which the seller did not approve at first. He told the seller that there was no laptop inside, but the latter insisted that it was intact.

At the moment, Chinmaya said that Flipkart is currently investigating this issue. In the next few days, he hopes that it will be resolved.

“I reported the same to Flipkart on the same day with all the proofs. They answered me that they need some time to get back with a solution. On 23rd October they emailed me that the seller rejected the return request and the product is not at all damaged during the transportation,” Chinmaya said.

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