Ever Heard of Ghostwriter? It’s a Typewriter Powered by GPT-3 Which Prints AI Text Generation in Response to Commands

The Ghostwriter is here, but it is not what you think of, as this new technology from Arvind Sanjeev is a legitimate typewriter that he retrofitted with OpenAI’s GPT-3 system, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. In a way, this typewriter is haunting, as it prints out every command and the AI text generation feature for the user, instead of having it appear on-screen for PCs.

Sanjeev’s Ghostwriter has no screens, so its output stays true to what a typewriter delivers, a quirky idea using the modern-day feature to a decades-old technology.

Ghostwriter: A Typewriter with GPT-3 AI to Answer Your Commands

(Photo : Arvind Sanjeev via Twitter)

Designer and engineer, Arvind Sanjeev, is now seeing a massive cult following to his latest development, which is an integration of artificial intelligence into an old typewriter that he calls “Ghostwriter.”

No, it is not the anonymous sources that help write lyrics and other forms of literature for known names in the entertainment industry, as this one takes shape in technology from the past.

Sanjeev transformed his electric Brother AX-325 typewriter into something that can understand commands from users and bring its AI text generation using the device’s printouts.

Its input still uses the same keyboard that users will find in the Brother typewriter, but it differs a lot as it has a built-in and retrofitted Arduino and Raspberry Pi that runs GPT-3, the famous system from OpenAI.

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It’s Like ChatGPT, But Print Results from its AI Text Generation

It is known that OpenAI’s ChatGPT uses the GPT-3 system to power its AI text generation feature, but what sets Ghostwriter apart is its output which prints the results from a user’s typed commands or requirements.

The engineer also shared the process of how he took apart the typewriter and integrated modern technology, fusing the best of different generations into one eerily responsive device.

Artificial Intelligence to Generate Content

The fame for ChatGPT is not yet dying, as the recently released technology from OpenAI is still making headlines as one of the most intuitive AI systems in the world to deliver the newfound intelligence of the system. The company only released this in early December, and the public is still marveling at the opportunities and features it brings to all.

ChatGPT may be the hottest self-learning AI technology in the industry now, but it is not the only project that OpenAI has for content generation.

Another is the company’s art generator which users may utilize to create NFTs for their needs, and it is the famous DALL-E, which recently opened its doors for the public to use.

Midjourney AI also offered a similar technology for AI art generation available to the public, one which centers on Discord to operate its media content outputs via a list of commands.

From image and art generation to text content, artificial intelligence has it covered with the multiple innovations from OpenAI and other companies aiming to develop the technology. Not only is it available on computer screens and mobile devices, but also for previous technologies like typewriters, especially with the haunting presence of Arvind Sanjeev’s Ghostwriter.

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