Epson Laser Printers to be Halted by 2026; Here’s What Will Replace Them and Why

Epson’s laser printers will no longer be sold as early as 2026, as confirmed by the Japanese multinational electronics company.

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The popularity of Epson has improved across the globe over the past years.

This is because of the company’s advanced information- and imaging-related products and computer printers.

Epson is specifically known for its advanced laser printers, such as the Epson EcoTank Pro and Epson WorkForce.

But, consumers need to prepare since the tech firm will no longer be selling these laser printers soon.

Epson Laser Printers Will No Longer be Sold by 2026

According to ZDNet’s latest report, Epon’s laser printers will no longer be sold and distributed by 2026.

Epson Laser Printers to be Halted by 2026; Here's What Will Replace Them and Why

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The electronics company explained that they have to do this because of the sustainability issues caused by heating.

To solve this problem, Epson said that inkjet printers would primarily replace laser-based models.

“Inkjet technology can reduce energy consumption compared to laser, and with a compact footprint and a lightweight design, these products help limit resources used during production and shipping,” said Epson.

Epson added that inkjet models’ small sizes would also benefit offices since people can save space when they are installed.

Aside from this, the electronics giant added that inkjet models could reduce shipping, storage, and material usage.

Laser Printers Vs. Inkjet Printers

Epson’s laser printers are quite popular compared to inkjet versions. 

However, because of the sustainability issue, the electronics company has already stopped selling these laser-based models in some markets. 

But, Epson is still selling laser printers in Asia and Europe. In 2019, the Japanese tech firm published a blog post explaining why inkjets are better than laser printers. 

Epson said that, unlike laser printers, inkjet models consume energy 85% less compared to the laser-based versions. 

Aside from this, inkjets also produce 85% less carbon dioxide than laser printers. But, since laser models are more efficient when it comes to printing, consumers prefer buying them. 

Here are some of the advantages provided by laser printers: 

  • Laser printers can print faster than inkjets. 
  • They can produce more prints compared to inkjets.
  • Laser printers are more efficient when it comes to printing black-and-white documents. 

If you want to learn more about how laser and inkjet printers actually work, you can visit this link. 

In other news, Epson’s short-throw projector that can turn living rooms into cinemas was launched in 2017. 

In 2016, Epson’s XP-430 small-in-one budget-friendly printers were also released. 

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