Early Black Friday Sale Sees iPad Air 4 Drop Price Down to Just $469: Close to the iPad 10th Gen 2022

Another early Black Friday sale sees the price of the iPad Air 4 drop down to just $469. This puts its price close to the iPad 10th Gen 2022 model, which just launched.

Apple iPad Air 4 Price is Getting Closer to the iPad 10th Gen

Getting an iPad Air at a price close to the basic version is like getting an iPhone Pro close to the price of an original iPhone. The iPad Air is designed to provide more abilities to users, which is why it is priced higher.

An article by Tom’s Guide found an iPad Air 4 on sale, with its price dropping closer to the latest iPad 10th Gen, which just recently dropped. The iPad Air 4 sells for just $469, while the 10th Gen iPad sells for $449.

Difference Between the iPad Air 4 and the New iPad 10th Gen 2022 is Only $20

The difference is only $20, but it is important to note that the iPad Air 4 is not the latest version of the iPad Air. The latest version of the iPad Air is the iPad Air 5.

A better comparison would be with the iPad Air 4 and the iPad 9th Gen. The iPad 9th Gen only sells for $329, which puts a $140 difference between the previous iPad version and the iPad Air 4.

The iPad Air 4 is Being Sold at a Whopping $130 Discount

The Apple iPad Air 4 was spotted at its discounted price on Walmart from its original $599. The device was sold for just $469, a $130 discount compared to its original price.

Regarding the Apple iPad Air 4, the gadget already packs the A14 Bionic chip and is capable of decent performance and good battery life. It can also support the Magic Keyboard and the Apple Pencil 2nd gen.

Apple iPad Air 4 vs the Apple iPad 10th Gen 2022

While the iPad Air 4 came out in 2020, an article by TechRadar says that it is much superior in comparison to the iPad in different ways. The first difference is that it supports the Apple Pencil 2ng gen, which can be magnetically clicked and charged at the top edge of the iPad for easy storage.

The iPad 2022 reportedly sticks with the Apple Pencil 1st gen, which does not attach to anything. The article also notes that the 1st gen Apple Pencil is awkward to charge and requires either a USB-C or Lightning adapter.

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Other Differences Include How Its Selfie Cam was Designed

Another more notable difference is that the iPad Air supports a P3-wide color display and is even laminated while also packing an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and be easier on the users’ eyes.

Both devices pack the A14 Bionic chip, but the iPad Air’s 7MP selfie cam is designed for portrait mode, while the newer iPad’s 12MP selfie cam is designed for landscape videos.

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