Early Black Friday Sale Sees Apple MacBook Air M1 Drop by $150 on Amazon

Another early Black Friday sale sees yet another Apple product drop its prices by a significant amount. The Apple MacBook Air M1 sells for $150 cheaper than its original Amazon listing.

Amazon Prime Day Sale Ends but the Apple MacBook Air M1 was Spotted Selling for $150 Below Its Original Listing Price

While the Amazon Prime Day sale event has just recently launched, discounts are still rolling out for even more items, including the Apple MacBook Air M1, selling for $150 below its original listing price.

Normally, the Apple MacBook Air M1 sells for $999, but after its $150 discount, the Apple device sells for just $849. With the new discount, the Apple MacBook Air M1 is cheaper by $350 compared to the Apple MacBook Air M2.

Original Price for the Apple MacBook Air M2 is at $1,199 While Lowest Price for MacBook Air M1 was at $799

According to the story by Tom’s Guide, the new MacBook Air M2 might be faster than the M1, but it comes at a steep price of $1,199. For those that don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on the more expensive M2, the M1 is on sale on Amazon at a much lower price.

The article made it clear that the lowest price that they had ever seen, the Apple MacBook Air M1, was down to $799. However, the sale as of press time is still decent since it allows buyers to save $150, $50 less than its largest discount.

Apple MacBook Air M1 Specs: Features, RAM and Storage

The article by Tom’s Guide noted that they saw the 2020 Apple MacBook Air M1 laptop on Amazon. As per its listing, the laptop is a 13-inch device with a retina display, a backlit keyboard, touch ID, facetime HD camera, and it works with the iPhone and iPad.

As for its RAM and storage, the Apple MacBook Air M1 comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD of storage. As for its battery life, the laptop is capable of lasting up to 18 hours in total, and when it comes to its performance, the 8-core CPU gets a 3.5x faster speed compared to its previous generation, all while using less power.

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Apple MacBook M1 Capabilities

The article by Tom’s Guide notes that they like the speedy performance that the Apple M1 chips provide and call it a “computing revolution.” When they tested the laptop, they noted that they could see 14 hours of battery life.

Due to its battery life, the article noted that users won’t have to make changes throughout the day and can use the laptop continually. The Apple MacBook Air M1 was reportedly capable of hitting 356 nits when they tested it.

The article also notes that the Apple MacBook Air M1 got a good 114.3% of the sRGB spectrum. The laptop also comes with an improved webcam and the Magic keyboard.

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