DJI Mini 3 Drone is Coming Soon, Leaks Say Spotted on Best Buy with Fly More Bundle—Controller Features Screen

DJI’s Mini 3 Drone has been spotted ahead of its release date. It is already available at a Best Buy physical store in New Jersey, with the Mini 3 drone, the company’s latest UAV technology for the world. This is the non-pro version, as the company already released and made the Mini 3 Pro drone available to the public earlier this year.

The new drone will give users the entry-level drone at a lower price, including the Fly More bundle equipped with the company’s latest remote control and a built-in touchscreen display.

DJI Mini 3 Spotted on Best Buy: Leaks on Non-Pro Version

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DJI recently released the Mavic 3 drone, but it is not the last technology coming this year. Some online shoppers spotted a new Mini 3 drone via Best Buy retail stores, particularly in New Jersey. To date, there are still no announcements or confirmation from DJI regarding this new drone, but its availability in Best Buy is proof enough that the drone will be released soon.

The Mini 3 retails at $860 for the Fly More bundle, the same as the company’s offers for the earlier-released Mini 3 Pro, cheaper by $49 compared to the Pro version.

The new drone delivers a non-Pro version of the Mini 3 lineup, as the initial release from May delivered the Mini 3 Pro, priced at $909 for the Fly More bundle, featuring DJI’s new screen display on the remote.

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DJI Mini 3: Non-Pro Version to Release Soon?

According to online leakers, there might be no release presentation from DJI regarding the new Mini 3, as evidenced by its availability in retail stores already. This may also mean that DJI intended a quiet release of the drone, as it went directly to stores instead of a company presentation.

Nevertheless, there might also be a different path for the Mini 3’s base variant, as it is unavailable on the company’s official online store.

DJI’s Drone Releases in 2022

The drone community is rejoicing for the latest releases from DJI, one of the most famous drone manufacturers and brands in the world, centering on making UAVs accessible for all. One of the key features of DJI drones is that they are affordable while being packed with features that one needs for videography, drone sports, and more.

There are three releases from DJI for 2022, focusing on its flagship DJI Mavic 3, the Mini 3 Pro, and the DJI Avata for beginners.

The Mini 3 lineup aims to deliver a portable drone that needs less space for stowing but does not skimp on the features and capabilities of users’ requirements. DJI has proven itself in the industry for years now, beating rivals and competitors who aim to match their technology, with the company matching or surpassing people’s preferences for their flying gadgets.

It seems like the company is giving more options to the public for their offers in the current market, with a cheaper option for the Mini 3 drone, with fewer features but still getting the UAV experience from the Chinese company. It is unknown when DJI would confirm the new Mini 3, but chances are before the year ends as it is already available in retail stores as per the recent spotting.

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