Cyber Monday Sale Sees Sony DualSense Controller and Xbox Wireless Controller Drop Below $50

The Cyber Monday sale is all about tech and gadgets; with it, some prices drop to their lowest point. The Sony DualSense Controller dropped to a massively low price at just $49 after a 30% discount from its original price, and the Xbox Wireless Controller dropped to $40 after a massive 43% discount.

The Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 Remain Hard to Purchase Despite the Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday sale is a specialized sale focusing specifically on tech, gadgets, and devices that most people would struggle to buy otherwise. The good thing about this sale is that it focuses purely on tech, meaning buyers won’t have to decide what products they should buy.

The Xbox Series X and the Sony PlayStation 5 are two devices that fans expect to be able to buy at lower prices during the Cyber Monday Sale. The bad news is that these consoles are still hard to find due to their scarcity in the market.

The Xbox Series X and Sony PS5 Controllers Usually Sell for More than $50

Both consoles used to be extremely hard to purchase due to scalpers buying out any remaining stock and selling them at higher prices. Luckily, the semiconductor shortage has started to improve, and since more consoles are coming out, buyers have a better chance of purchasing them.

However, a few buyers struggle with getting an extra controller for their consoles. An extra controller can cost gamers a few extra bucks, and since it used to cost more than $50, some buyers deem it expensive.

The Cyber Monday Sale Sees the Price of the Xbox Wireless Controller and the Sony DualSense Controller Drop to Below $50

An article by The Verge took note of the different Cyber Monday sale deals that look promising. Among them were two controllers, the Sony DualSense Controller and the Xbox Wireless Controller, which sell at a massive discount, with both of them now less than $50.

The Sony DualSense Controller was spotted selling at just $49 after it dropped from its original price of $69 on Amazon. This means buyers can get the controller at a whopping 30% off, making it a huge discount for those that want to purchase an extra controller for their PS5 devices.

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Xbox Wireless Controller Slashes Prices by 47% for the Cyber Monday Sale

Another notable deal spotted for the Cyber Monday sale was the Xbox Wireless Controller, which massively dropped its price to just $40 from its original $70 at Target. This meant buyers could get the controller for a massive 43% off.

These are only some of the Cyber Monday sale items that are being sold at massive discounts. Although not all tech items participate in this deal, buyers should watch out for devices or gadgets they would have otherwise purchased.

The Cyber Monday sale is a limited time event meaning buyers should hurry and purchase items before the sale runs out. The sale is expected to expire very soon.

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