Cyber Monday Sale Sees Amazon Kindle Drop to Lowest Price Ever

A new Cyber Monday sale sees the Amazon Kindle drop to the lowest recorded price. Amazon’s eBook solution dropped from an initial $99 down to $84.

eBooks are the Modern Way of Reading Books for Readers that Prioritize Efficiency and Convenience

Reading physical books is slowly becoming inefficient compared to reading eBooks. Although some people prefer physical books, purchasing them or finding a copy is slowly becoming harder as more people launch eBook-only copies.

An article by Tom’s Guide shares that some of the best Cyber Monday sale deals are starting to surface around different online retailers. This meant that some of the most popular tech products were sold at their lowest price ever.

Amazon Kindle 2022 was Spotted Selling for $84 on Amazon from Its Original Price of $99

It was noted that the latest Kindle by Amazon has never dropped to the lowest price before the Cyber Monday sale. The Amazon Kindle 2022 can be spotted for just $84 on Amazon from its original price of $99.

This meant buyers could get a $15 discount from the Amazon Kindle 2022 during the Cyber Monday sale. The device is reportedly the lowest-priced Kindle on the market amid other e-readers like the Paperwhite models, the Kindle Oasis, and others.

The Amazon Kindle 2022 Lets Users Read or Listen to Audible for Six Weeks If They Use It 30 Minutes a Day

The article by Tom’s Guide notes that this could be the perfect time to buy the latest Amazon Kindle model at its lowest price ever. The deal is noteworthy because the latest Amazon Kindle model is even more affordable than the Kindle Paperwhite 2021 model.

Another thing about the Amazon Kindle 2022 that makes sense is that it can last six weeks with its battery life. However, this assumes that the user only reads or listens to Audible for just 30 minutes per day.

How Much a Thousand Physical Books Weigh

The device comes with 16 GB of storage capable of handling thousands of books. This is why some people would rather purchase a Kindle than physical books.

Pennbookcenter notes that the average weight of a book is 7 ounces. This means if someone wanted to bring thousands of books, they would weigh a whopping 437.5 pounds.

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Amazon Kindle 2022 Compared to Premium Paperwhite

Buyers will also get four months of Kindle Unlimited with the deal and can choose the device in either denim blue or black color. The device also has a 300 PPI high-resolution display but lacks the waterproof screen on the Paperwhite.

The device is also less bright compared to the Kindle Oasis. Buyers will not get cellular connectivity with the Amazon Kindle 2022 model, which can be found on the Kindle Oasis.

The Amazon Kindle 2022 is still great for users that want to purchase a device to read eBooks or listen to Audible in the most convenient way possible instead of using one’s phone or tablet.

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