Cyber Monday PS5 Restock: Best Stores to Visit and Tips to Fast-Track Your Console Hunting

Sony’s PlayStation 5 maintains its huge demand despite being released two years ago. Although the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the retailers to slow down on selling, this year is quite different.

Right now, although it’s not guaranteed that you will get this gaming console, it’s now quite easier to buy one than before. That’s because some shops have introduced a new way to obtain it.

If you’re here for the Cyber Monday PS5 restock, here are the stores that you need to visit. Additionally, you will also learn some tips from CNET on how to fast-track your console hunting before the holiday season begins.

Cyber Monday PS5 Restock Tracker

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Many retailers are back once again for Cyber Monday and if you’re planning to catch up for your backlogs this week, you can check these stores for a chance to score a great PS5 deal.


According to CNET, the store is famous for selling its “God of WarL Ragnarok” PS5 bundle. However, this bundle is currently out of stock, but you can check the “Horizon Forbidden West” PS5 bundle that is available in both digital and disk versions.


This retailer is usually offering the standard PlayStation 5 edition during restock days. Still, you can sometimes see that it’s selling a digital edition of the gaming console, but it’s a rare sighting.

Make sure to regularly check its website for Cyber Monday to see the latest updates from the store.


Since Amazon introduced the new invite system for all the buyers, getting a PS5 from the e-commerce giant has become easier. All you have to do is to sign up and wait for email confirmation for your PS5 queue.


If you’re a regular GameStop buyer and you can to maximize the shop’s offer, going for the PowerUp Rewards Pro subscription is the smartest move to make.

This exclusive membership will help you get PS5 faster than anyone else. There are also other perks that you can enjoy including huge discounts and bundle promos.

PlayStation Direct

Sony’s invite-only system helps each buyer to have an access in the online queue. Just like Amazon’s, you need to sign up for the slot and make sure to always check your email about the console.

It’s less stressful than monitoring the available stocks on the website. After a successful checkout, Amazon will inform you that there will be a brief waiting period for the shipping which could run for one or two days.


eBay is one of the best third-party sites to visit if you’re desperate to grab a PS5. However, please be aware that eBay scammers are everywhere if you don’t pay much attention to the seller information.

Some prices for the PlayStation 5 standalone version or bundles might be different from the usual pricing of the retailers. That’s because scalpers are also on the platform.


Oftentimes, people overlook Newegg because of the more popular retailers in the US. Fortunately, it won’t cost you a fortune to shop here and it’s always a good option to check it every now and then.

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PS5 Restock Tips For Buyers

If you want to hasten up your console hunting, here are some tips that you can follow as advice.

  • Use a PS5 restock app for your purchase. You can use the same app on your smartphone and desktop browser.
  • The most common time for restocks is in the afternoon or evening. The best time to visit the retailer is after 10 AM PT.
  • PS5 restocks frequently drop on weekdays unless the retailer announces that supplies will be available on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • The “Out of Stock” prompt of the screen means that you should keep on refreshing the page multiple times. Usually, retailers drop the consoles by batches to avoid scalpers.
  • Always log in your account linked to your favorite retailers.

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