Cyber Monday 2022 Sale: Sonos Speakers are Up for Grabs with Massive Discounts

Cyber Monday deals are here and awaiting the public to splurge for one last time with massive discounts available for all, centering on the audio and listening experience from Sonos. There are many offers from different retail stores carrying Sonos products including speakers, soundbars, subwoofers, and more for all to enjoy.

This may be the sign that one is looking for in their plans to upgrade the home or workspace’s sound system, with as much as a 20 percent discount up for grabs.

Cyber Monday Deal 2022: Sonos’ Speakers

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The Verge’s report centers on everything that Sonos is making available to all, up for grabs for their needs, centering on the many speakers and audio systems that are now seeing significant markdowns on their prices. These are great pairings to one’s setup, centering on its application for appliances, PC setups, or entertainment rooms.

However, Sonos also features tech that does not need to connect to smart TVs or computers to feature its audio functions, as it can stand alone or connect to Bluetooth, paired with a voice assistant. 

The bottom line is, Sonos has speakers that suit one’s needs for every application they can think of for their tech at home, elevating the experience with what the company offers for all.

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Sonos Arc Soundbar

The company’s flagship product, the Sonos Arc, is available via different retailers for a massive discount, centering on a soundbar that can fit almost any setup. It features a Dolby Atmos-equipped feature that delivers the best of what the famed audio company offers, with multiple integrations to the Dolby multiroom audio platform.

It also centers on different integration from known brands including Apple with the AirPlay 2, Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, and Google’s Assistant. 

Sonos offers the Arc on its official website with a 20 percent discount, with its original price of $900, only up for grabs for $720. 

Alternatively, users may buy it over at Target or Crutchfield for the same price and the same discount.

Sonos Beam (2nd Gen)

On the other hand, the company’s other soundbar, a.k.a. the Smart Soundbar, the Sonos Beam also sees massive discounts on the platform for the public to purchase. It centers on a smaller build than the arc, fitting into more tight spaces or limited desk space for one’s television or PC setup, but also for one’s casual music listening experience.

From its original $450 price, the Beam is now available to purchase for $360, also featuring a 20 percent discount.

Sonos Sub (3rd Gen)

What completes a soundbar and sound system (apart from televisions and other external sources)? Well, it is the subwoofer that brings more body to the audio and music that one is listening to. And Sonos is one to offer the 3rd Gen Sub for all this Cyber Monday, also centering on the company’s 20 percent discount for all.

The Sonos Sub is available for $600 instead of the usual $740, with significant savings for one’s setup.

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