Christmas Sale 2022 Sees the Xbox Series S Drop by Up to $60: Here’s Where to Buy It

Christmas is an exciting time for gamers, with the anticipation of receiving their new game console as a holiday gift. The Xbox Series S is an excellent option for those looking to purchase the latest and greatest gaming technology this holiday season.

The Xbox Series S is Now Selling Below $50 Due to a New Discount

An article by Tom’s Guide shares how the Xbox Series S is now selling for a massive discount bringing the console’s price down to below $250. The Christmas sale sees its price drop by $60.

The Xbox Series S is the smaller and less expensive version of the Xbox Series X, and it makes a great entry-level console for those who want to take the plunge into the next generation of gaming. With a 1TB hard drive, full support for HDR gaming, and the option to switch between the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles at no additional cost, it’s an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable and powerful console.

How the Xbox Series S Compares to the Xbox Series X in Terms of Price and Power

One of the biggest draws of the Series S is its exceptional price point. At just $299, it’s one of the market’s most affordable next-generation gaming consoles. The Series S is an ideal choice for those who don’t need all the bells and whistles of the Xbox Series X and are looking to save some money.

This tiny package packs big performance for its price. While it may not be quite as powerful as the Series X, it can still run most games at a smooth frame rate and support up to 4K media streaming. With the optional Xbox All Access subscription, gamers can stay up to date on the latest releases, while Xbox Game Pass Ultimate provides over 100 games to explore.

Best Price for the Xbox Series S was Spotted on Microsoft Selling at a $60 Discount Down at $239

The Xbox Series S is a great choice for those hoping to give their loved ones the gift of gaming this year. With its robust performance, low cost, and seamless integration with the rest of the Xbox ecosystem, the Series S offers loads of entertainment value at an affordable price.

The article by Tom’s Guide spotted the Xbox Series S selling at a $60 discount on Microsoft, bringing its price down to just $239. So far, this is a better deal than the device’s listing on another website. 

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Another Place Buyers can Buy the Xbox Series S at a Discount is on Best Buy

The Xbox Series S was also spotted on Best Buy but costs a little more than its Microsoft listing. The console was selling for just $249 at a $50 discount on the online retailer.

To save more, buyers should consider making a purchase from the Microsoft store instead of Best Buy or other online retailers.

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