Cherry’s MX Black Clear-Top Is Your Retro Linear Keyboard Switch

A loud and clicky keyboard can be distracting when you are trying to finish a paper late at night or when you are concentrating on getting a high score in the latest online shooter games. If you are experiencing the same problem, you should consider purchasing a mechanical keyboard switch that will silence those unnecessary rattling sounds.

If you are not yet familiar with the aforementioned product, keyboard switches allow users to modify the sound and feel of their keyboards when they are in use. 

On a mechanical keyboard, the mechanisms hidden beneath the keycaps are known as mechanical keyboard switches. They register every key press. Your typing experience is determined by the variety of auditory feedback, tactile feedback, and switch activation force.

The MX Black Clear-Top

Engadget reports that German computer peripheral device maker Cherry is releasing the MX Black Clear-Top, a new version of an ’80s keyboard switch famed for its distinct typing feel and acoustics. The above-said switch takes pride in being a powerful and direct key press with retro vibes.

Based on the report, the new keyboard switch is also known as the “Nixie,” as it was first manufactured for a German company called Nixdorf, which began its business manufacturing keyboards for terminals, servers, and minicomputers.

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The Nixie switch was only manufactured a few years ago. Today, some units are readily available, making them rare and slightly more expensive than most mechanical keyboard switches on the market. This prompted Cherry to begin work on an updated version of the classic clicker.

Click on These Specs

Most mechanical keyboard switches are made up of metal contacts. The structure of the various components has a direct impact on the mechanical keyboard’s auditory feedback. 

The upper housing of the MX Black Clear-Top is made of a high-precision plastic polymer component. It is important to note it is a computer-aided design. It appears to be intended to effectively protect the movement of the mechanical switch.

It has the same 63.5 centinewtons of actuation force, 2 mm of pre-travel, and 4 mm of total travel. For the spring, the company kept the same vintage design. 

Cherry describes the switch as having a linear switching characteristic, a golden spring, and a slightly increased actuation force, in addition to the milky top housing. This results in a switch that dampens the sound of each keystroke, lowering the output and making your keyboard-less of a rattling machine.

The MX Black Clear-Top is also available pre-lubricated. As a result, the switch is ideal for retro hobbyists, frequent typists, gamers, and users who esteem linear switching characteristics and good noise control.

According to Engadget, Cherry will offer the MX Black Clear-Top with or without grease works. The switches will be available in early 2023, but Cherry has yet to announce a price.

More About Cherry

The company began in the United States and relocated to Germany in the 1970s. Currently, the company is known for producing quality mechanical keyboards and mechanical switches. 

According to Vissles, the company’s Cherry MX switch was developed and patented in the early 1980s and has been used worldwide since 1983. It is the most popular mechanical keyboard switch right now.

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