BOE Unveils Record-Breaking 600 Hz Gaming Screen Beating Alienware’s Peak 480 Hz Panels

Just a few years ago, the world saw the 120Hz refresh rate becoming the standard on gaming laptops, followed a couple of years later by laptops offering 240Hz displays. The market is seeing gaming laptops approaching the 500 and 600Hz milestones.

BOE Reveals 600 Hz Refresh Rate Technology for Its Laptops

The real question is whether or not there is an actual benefit of having laptops capable of such blazing refresh rates. An article by Giz China shares more about BOE’s 600 Hz refresh rate technology.

Whether 600 Hz refresh rates are useful, the answer might vary. This is because the video frames per second (FPS) of current games likely won’t reach the limit of 500-600Hz.

Dell Already Offers 480 Hz Refresh Rates with Its Alienware Laptops but ASUS Announced an Upcoming 500 Hz Refresh Rate Screen

It’s likely only highly competitive gamers, and other cutting-edge users will require a laptop with a screen that reaches such speeds. Most gamers should find more than enough performance from displays with the currently available 240Hz refresh rates.

An article by PC Mag shares how Dell already offers 480 Hz refresh rates for certain Alienware laptops. So far, Asus has also teased the upcoming 500 Hz display.

No Additional News Regarding Whether BOE’s Display Will Use a TSA, TA, or VA LCD Panel

TechSpot reports that BOE has not revealed additional information about the display, with no news on whether it is an ISA, TA, or VA LCD panel. Due to this, buyers will have to wait for the company’s official announcement.

All this boils down to that while flashy laptop displays can get people’s attention with the promise of greater refresh rates, they may not be useful in most cases. Those who are heavily gaming may appreciate these newer, faster displays, but for most laptop buyers, the cost and power consumption may not be worth the upgrade.

BOE Reveals the World’s First Laptop with a 600 Hz Refresh Rate with a Lag Time of Just 1/60th of a Second

At the World Display Industry Conference, BOE revealed the world’s first laptop display that boasts a 600Hz refresh rate. This 16-inch panel can display images with a lag time of almost 1/60th of a second, making it the fastest refresh rate available on a laptop. However, this speed comes with a few caveats.

In terms of performance, it appears that frames per second (FPS) for today’s games are unlikely to break the 500-600Hz limit. Moreover, most laptops have to be plugged into a power outlet to support a refresh rate of 600Hz as the battery life is too short.

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The Industry Standard for Gaming Laptops is At 120 Hz to 240 Hz

Understandably, manufacturers are striving to produce faster laptop displays, but they seem to be ahead of what everyone actually needs. Gamers may benefit from faster refresh rates in some very niche cases, while most laptop users will find more than enough performance with a 120Hz or even 240Hz display. 

Still, the added cost and battery drainage may not be worth the upgrade for some buyers.

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