Blackview BV5200 Pro Price Revealed: $99.99 for a Smartphone with Breakthroughs in Arcsoft-Backed Photography and More

Blackview, an industry-leading manufacturer of rugged mobile phones, has introduced the new Blackview BV5200 Pro. Taking the performance of their popular BV5200 to the next level, the Pro version includes a larger ROM, an improved processor, and an advanced ArcSoft camera system.

Blackview BV5200 Pro Specs revealed with a 4GB RAM with a 20% Speedup

According to the story by Giz China, the BV5200 Pro expands from its predecessor’s 32GB of ROM to 64GB, making room for 100% more HD videos, photos, and music. To increase performance, Blackview upgraded the quad-core processor to an octa-core Mediatek Helio G35. 

When combined with 4GB RAM, users receive a 20% speedup. Blackview also enhanced its camera system using the latest algorithms from ArcSoft, a leading provider of software solutions. 

BV5200 Pro’s Portrait Technology and Why It Stands Out for the Budget Phone

The camera’s beauty mode offers users 15% more naturalness and authenticity than the BV5200. It also recovers any details lost due to image distortion and light and dark areas within the photo.

The BV5200 Pro’s Portrait technology is most impressive, which blurs out more of the background and preserves more scene details, making the central figure appear more prominent. As the night approaches, the camera will still capture stunning images with bright buildings visible in low light.

Blackview Maintains Being an Industry-Leading Manufacturer of Rugged Mobile Phones

Combining a powerful processor and improved photo capturing, users of Blackview BV5200 Pro are sure to be left awe-struck by the clarity and detail this phone delivers.

Since its release a few years ago, the Blackview BV5200 has been an incredibly popular mobile phone amongst rugged phone users. Blackview, an industry-leading manufacturer of rugged mobile phones, is launching an upgrade to their popular device with the new Blackview BV5200 Pro.

The Blackview BV5200 Pro Will Expand its ROM from 32GB to 64GB

Unlike its predecessor, the Blackview BV5200 Pro expands the ROM from 32GB to 64GB, allowing for 100% more memory for HD videos, photos, and music to be stored on the phone. Blackview also increased the processing power of the BV5200 Pro by switching from a quad-core MediaTek Helio A22 to an octa-core Mediatek Helio G35 processor, assisted by 4GB RAM for a 20% speedup.

The Blackview BV5200 Pro provides users with an improved photography experience. It uses ArcSoft algorithms that can reduce image distortion and restore the original fidelity of images. 

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How the Blackview Pro Version Makes the Most Out of Its Photos

Additionally, it intelligently deals with brightness in dark and light areas, providing users with perfectly balanced photos. 

This mode blurs the background and focuses on the person taking the photo while preserving more scene details than its predecessor. It also provides users with bright pictures at night, capturing luminous objects and bright buildings in the distance clearly visible in the photo.

Overall, Blackview has equipped BV5200 Pro with everything one needs to take breathtaking photos and videos. With the larger ROM, improved processor, and advanced ArcSoft camera system, the Blackview BV5200 Pro offers users stunning visuals and lightning-fast performance.

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